Family Centred Care

The Department of Neonatology community (families and staff) believe patient and family centred care if fundamental to the mission of the unit. Family Centred Care incorporates open, effective communication and collaboration.

We will strive to nurture caregivers, while supporting and empowering them to ensure babies' best outcomes.

All members of our community are asked to demonstrate kindness, compassion and respect for each other and all cultures.

Although your baby is requiring our specialised skills and equipment, they equally need your parenting. They need to know you are near, to know your voices, touch and smell. You are considered an important advocate for your baby and an equal member of their health care team.

To learn more about this important partnership and what you can do to be involved with your babies care we have included a link to our parent handbook.

Family Centred Care Meaning

In day to day terms family centred care means:

  • You are always welcome at your babies bedside
  • Staff will take every opportunity to help you bond and care for your baby
  • You are encouraged to participate in bedside rounds
  • You are encouraged to learn about your baby
  • You are a part of your babies treating team
  • Staff will educate you how to read your baby's behaviour and respond appropriately