Newborn and Parent Support Service

The Newborn and Parent Support Service (NAPSS) provides a support service for babies and their families who no longer need hospital care but still require some nursing care, support and advice at home.

The NAPSS team comprises Nurses and Midwifes who have extensive experience in caring for sick and premature infants. They support parents with looking after their infant until care can be met by community services.

A multidisciplinary team incorporates neonatal Nurses and Midwives, Clinical Nurse Co-ordinators, Neonatologists, Paediatricians, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and other health professionals.


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How does NAPSS function?

NAPSS provides home visit care six days a week (Monday to Saturday), and a 24 hour telephone support service.

Before discharge, an in-patient visit is arranged to assess the infant's needs and to assist the parents with the preparation for taking their baby home.

Follow up visits are tailored to the infants and parents needs. The NAPSS nurses assess the babies growth, feeding and offer general advice.

NAPSS provide an Early Discharge Feeding program, which allows babies to be discharged home earlier. The NAPSS nurses also assist parents in caring for their baby who may be preterm, of small birth weight, requiring home oxygen, or requiring naso-gastric feeds.

When you and your infant no longer require the additional support from NAPSS, a referral will be made with your permission to the Maternal and Child Health Program (MACH in ACT) and Child & Family Health Nurses (CFHN in NSW).

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