Privacy/Use of Communication Devices

We request that you are mindful of the privacy and peace of all the families in the Paediatric Department. 

Having a child in hospital is a stressful time and family and friends will be concerned. We understand that you may need to communicate frequently.  Please have your phone on silent and be mindful of where and when you are talking on the phone.


If you wish to take photos, video or voice recordings of your child please ensure that other children, families or staff are not included without informed consent.

Social Media

Social Media is a major part of connecting with people and making friends.  Please understand that the hospital staff are bound by Professional Codes of Conduct and are not permitted to engage in social relationships if they are providing health care services to you.  We ask that you do not request staff to be Facebook friends as they are required to decline.

Music and TV

Please use earphones if you are watching movies or listening to music on personal devices.

Television is available free of charge above each bed. We request they are turned off for rest period and at 8.30 pm if you are in shared accommodation.