Play and support

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The Playroom is located at the end of the Medical Ward. It is a space that is jointly occupied by the Starlight Captains and the Play Therapist. It is operational Monday to Friday’s from 8.30am to 5.30pm.  

The Playroom is a bright sunny open area that has an outdoor verandah. Children have access to outdoor toys as well as the toys, books, and activities within the playroom. Children, if confined to their rooms are provided with toys, play and craft activities that are age appropriate. 

Craft activities are available to your child. The Starlight Captains and their volunteers conduct craft sessions Monday through to Thursday in the afternoons.

If you need to attend an appointment or have other commitments, please inform the Play Therapist and she will organise for a volunteer to be with your child during your absence.  Children are not to be left alone in the Playroom.

Captain Starlight

Captain Starlights from the Starlight Foundation also entertain children on the ward. PatCH also employs a full-time Play Therapist. 

The Starlight Foundation requests that children under the age of eight be supervised by a parent or a guardian when in the Playroom with Captain Starlight.

George Gregan Playground

The George Gregan playground can be accessed via the Paediatric Outpatient area and is open from dawn to dusk.

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Hospital trained volunteers are available to spend time with your child when you need time out for a break - look out for their white 'Volunteer' shirts or ask at the Nurses station for more information.