Stella Bella Beads

The Little Star Beads Program, a branch of the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation, aims to brighten the lives of children in the ACT region who are living with serious and long term illness.

Children in the Little Star beads program receive beads for specific medical procedures, and milestones in their treatment, and use them to create a string of beads to tell the story of their personal medical journey.

The Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation is run by a small, enthusiastic and dedicated committee of volunteers.

It was established by Suzanne Tunks who spent half of her daughter Stella’s short life of nine months in hospital, and the other half of it caring for her at home in palliative care.

Stella was born with congenital heart disease and she required 24-hour care and many medical appointments. Suzanne Tunks said she learnt to appreciate how hard it is for many families in similar situations.

Projects like the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation recognise the big load that families carry when children are ill over the long-term.

Often it’s the little things – like covering a few bills – that make a positive difference for these families.

The Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation provides petrol and food vouchers, and small grants for equipment, for parents who are caring for their seriously ill children, in hospital and at home, and are struggling financially.

The foundation offers support and assistance to children and their families, regardless of diagnosis.

If you would like to learn more about the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation or would like to offer your support, please contact them by email at or phone 0423 439 889.