Recovery of Children - Operating Theatres/PACU

Accompanying Children to Operating Theatres and Recovery of Children in Post Anaesthetic Care Unit

The staff at Centenary Hospital understand that it is in the best interest of children to be supported by a parent/caregiver. We aim to encourage and allow you to remain with your child wherever possible.

Many anaesthetists will allow a parent to accompany their child into the anaesthetic room until they are asleep, though this will be at the discretion of the anaesthetist.

When your child goes into theatre for an operation, you will be asked to wait in the Day Surgery sitting area which is located in the corridor outside of the Operating Rooms.

If you need to move away from this area please keep your mobile phone on and with you in case you need to be contacted.

When your child has returned to the PACU and has been woken from the anaesthetic the nursing staff will come and inform you that you can see your child.

If your child is an adolescent please discuss their wishes in relation to this.

Important points

  • One parent/caregiver only will be allowed to enter the PACU and anaesthetic area. Please arrange for supervision of siblings elsewhere. Discuss with ward nursing staff if this is a problem.

  • Your child will remain in the PACU for an average of thirty minutes.

  • Please be respectful of the privacy of other patients in this acute environment and stay only at your child’s bedside. Once inside PACU avoid use of mobile phones and switch to “silent” or off.

  • Inform relatives of your child’s progress once you are back in the ward.

  • If your child is breast or bottle fed this may be done in the PACU if the anaesthetist and surgeon indicate it is appropriate. Please have a bottle and formula with you.

  • We suggest that you have a special toy, blanket or item of comfort for your child with you.


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