Postpartum Psychosis

This is a rare acute severe mental health episode affecting 1-2 new mothers in every 1000 in the first few days or weeks after a baby’s birth. Symptoms can be experienced even before discharge from hospital.

This is a psychiatric emergency and it requires immediate assistance. Phone 000 or 1800 629 354

Mothers experiencing postpartum psychosis may experience:

  • confusion
  • mood swings
  • a decreased need for sleep
  • restlessness
  • agitation
  • disorganised thinking
  • holding bizarre beliefs (sometimes about the baby), known as delusions
  • seeing or hearing things (hallucinations)
  • feeling everyone is against you (paranoia)
  • losing touch with reality

Usually a mother seems out of touch with reality. Her behaviour may seem strange and seen as odd, or out of character by others. This may mean she cannot safely care for the baby.
If you suspect someone you know is experiencing postpartum psychosis please get assistance immediately.

Call 000 or ACT Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team 1800 629 354


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