School Health

Immunisation is offered to all year 7 students attending school in the ACT. For more information on the program and vaccinations please see High School Immunisation Program.

Kindergarten Health Check

Registered Nurses employed by ACT Health conduct the Kindergarten Health Check in all ACT primary schools throughout the year.

An information package is sent home from the school at the beginning of the year to obtain your consent and explain what is involved (see information letter for parents below)

This health check includes vision, hearing, height, weight and development.

The health check is not intended to replace your child’s normal health care.

If your child is absent on the day the nurses are at the school, you will be offered an appointment at a ‘catch up clinic’. You will receive a letter with details on how to make this appointment. These clinics are held regularly on Wednesday mornings during the school term. You, or a nominated carer, will need to attend this clinic with your child.

If any issues are identified by either yourself or the nurse you will be given information or a referral letter with information regarding access to the appropriate specialist service.


Information on Height and Weight

Parent Information Letter

Parent Results Sheet

Nutrition Information links

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Links to services

New South Wales residents can make enquiries through their local Community Health Centre to see where similar services are provided.

School Youth Health Nurse Program

The School Youth Health Nurse aims to promote positive health outcomes for young people and their families through the delivery of accessible, acceptable, appropriate and culturally respectful primary health care in high schools.

They provide the opportunity for young people, their parents and members of the school community to access a health professional in the school setting. This can be for matters relating to health and well-being and includes acting as a curriculum resource for staff.

They help support school communities to adopt a whole-of-school (Health Promoting Schools) approach to address contemporary health and social issues facing young people and their families. The goal is to enable young people to make a safe and healthy transition into adulthood.

The line
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High School Immunisations
Indigenous Health Info net Bite Back youth law centre
A Gender Agenda Kids Helpline
Internet Safety Program Canberra Sexual Health Centre
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Healthcare Access At School (HAAS)

HAAS supports children who have a complex or invasive health care need to attend school through the provision of nurse-led care during school time.

The nurse's role provides a link between parents and the school and ensures carers at the school have appropriate instruction and ongoing support.

About the HAAS program

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For more information please contact the School Health Administrator on (02) 6205 2086.