ACT Health ID and Access (Proximity) Card

  • All students must clearly display student identification and introduce themselves as a student at all times during placement.
  • The following information is for placements at Canberra Hospital, Community Health Centres and Mental Health facilities.
  • For students going to Calvary facilities, please contact the Learning and Development Unit on (02) 6201 6111.

Which cards do you need?

All students must have an ID card and may be provided with a proximity card/s as required:

How to obtain the cards

Things to prepare -  You will need to show 3 forms of identification (e.g driver’s licence, student card, Medicare card, credit card, passport etc) + $20 cash as a refundable deposit

Collection Process:

1) Go to the Cashier’s Office to provide $20 deposit. The Cashier will issue you with a receipt.

2) Take the receipt to the Security Office for ID check and photo. The card/s will be issued to you by Security Office staff.

 All cards need to be returned to TCH security desk on the last day of placement (unless you have multiple placements) and you will be refunded the $20 deposit.

Returning students can keep their cards until the completion of their final placement.

Student Types

Nursing and Midwifery Students

  • New students need to pick up an ID deposit form from the Clinical Placement Office before presenting to the Cashier’s office.
    • Local students: Cards are to be collected at least one week before placement. The cards cannot be issued more than two weeks prior to placement
    • Interstate students: Cards are to be collected on the first day of placement.
  • Returning students who have multiple placements can keep their cards until the completion of their final placement. Proximity cards will be re-activated electronically once students have been allocated placements.

Allied Health Students

  • Check with your Clinical Educator, Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader on arrangements prior to placement.

Medical Students


  • The cards are electronically monitored and will be activated during placement only.
  • There are two proximity cards for different facilities. Please make sure you have the appropriate card for your area. In some cases, you may need both proximity cards.
  • Please contact the Security Office if you have lost or need to change your card or if it is not working.
  • ID cards expire yearly. Please renew at Security Office as needed.
  • Lost cards will attract a $20 replacement charge and students will be required to complete a Statutory Declaration Form, available from the Security Administration Office.

Contact Information

Canberra Hospital:

   Cashiers Office

Building 2, Level 2 (Next to Auditorium in the Main building)

Tel: (02) 6244 2716


Open: 08:30-16:30


   Clinical Placement Office

Building  5, Ground Floor (past TCH residence)

Tel: (02) 6174 5887

Open: 09:00-16:00

   Security Office


Building 2, Level 2 (Next to Main Reception)

Tel: (02) 6244 2141

Open: 08:30-16:00