Allied Health Clinical Education

Clinical education and training for Allied Health; Students, Professionals and Assistants is a significant part of ACT Government Health Directorate's core business, undertaken in partnership with the tertiary and vocational sector.

ACT Health Dedicated Allied Health Clinical Educator Model

A key focus of the Chief Allied Health Office is to support a culture of innovation and excellence in clinical education, and this is undertaken through the ACT Health-wide Allied Health Dedicated Clinical Education Model (AHDCEM). The AHDCEM’s key aim is to support and improve the quality, quantity, and sustainability of clinical education and student placements in an environment of increasing demand from universities.

Allied Health Clinical Education Unit

The staff of the AHCEU includes:

• Allied Health Clinical Education Coordinator

• Clinical Measurement Sciences Clinical Educator

• Occupational Therapy Clinical Educator

• Psychology Clinical Educator

• Social Work Clinical Educator

• Speech Pathology Clinical Educator

Allied Health Student Clinical Placements

ACT Health accepts students and trainees undertaking health and health related courses for clinical placement within the Health Directorate facilities, subject to operational availability, a current Deed of Agreement with the student's university being in place as well as a current schedule for the student's course.

For further information please go to our Clinical Placement Office page.

Clinical Educator's Network

The aim of the Clinical Educator's (CE) Network is to support allied health clinical educators (or their equivalent) in the consistent delivery of high quality and sustainable clinical education across all allied health professions within ACT Health and Calvary Public Hospital.

The CE Network facilitates:

  • Sharing of knowledge in health professional education and clinical supervision;
  • Learning in relation to new clinical education programs;
  • Inter-professional learning;
  • Development and evaluation of allied health student and trainee initiatives;
  • Improved education outcomes across the public health sector;
  • Liaison with key stakeholders.

Network meetings are held every two months for one hour. The network is chaired by the Allied Health Clinical Education Coordinator and membership includes allied health clinical educators from across ACT Health and Calvary Public Hospital.

In professions where there is no dedicated clinical educator role membership is extended to staff at the HP3 (or higher) level where they have a role in activities directly related to clinical education.

For more information on the CE Network including dates, time and venue please contact the Allied Health Clinical Education Coordinator.

Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education and Graduate Certificate in Health Research

The University of Canberra and ACT Health through the Chief Allied Health Office and the Office of the Chief Nurse have collaborated to deliver a scholarship scheme that supports allied health and nursing and midwifery staff to undertake the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (GCTE) or the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Research (GCHR).

The purpose of this initiative is to develop teaching, supervision and research skills within the allied health, nursing, and midwifery sectors across CHHS. This workforce initiative provides an opportunity for further studies and to promote a positive learning and quality improvement environment that increases the knowledge and skill levels of staff and students across ACT Health.

Expressions of interest for the 2018 intake will be advertised in late 2017 and interested staff are invited to check back at this site at this time.

For more information please contact the Clinical Education Coordinator

Allied Health Professional Development Support Grants

This small grants program provides financial support for allied health teams/groups to support a professional development activity or resource that supports ACT Health’s key priority areas. The Chief Allied Health Office is providing these small grants to build on the work currently being undertaken by the Office to enhance for allied health workplace education.

Criteria: Allied Health PD Support Grant applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • aligns with the ACT Health strategic priorities and values;
  • involves a clinical service focus or clinical education focus; and
  •  has an across Division or  interprofessional focus,  and ideally involves at least 2 different health professional disciplines.


  • The team/group requesting the funding is predominantly (at least 60%) a group of CHHS allied health staff. A list of allied health professions can be found at Attachment 1.
  • A team or group must be at least three or more CHHS employees.

Grant Value:  Grants commence at a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1000.

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