Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

This initiative provides scholarships in various fields of postgraduate study, particularly where allied health workforce shortages have been identified. The Scholarship Scheme is an eligibility based Scheme, not an entitlement Scheme, however eligibility does not automatically lead to a scholarship.

Where a scholarship is awarded, it pays for a prescribed level of funding support for tuition fees only and is payable by way of reimbursement at the end of an approved semester(s) of study. The level of funding support varies from year to year and is dependent on the number of approved applicants and available budget.

Staff Eligibility

Allied health professional employees from the ACT Government Health Directorate or Calvary Public Hospital Bruce who have been permanently employed for at least 12 months with either ACT Health and/or Calvary, OR allied health professional staff who have been employed on a continuous temporary contract for a period of at least 12 months with ACT Health and/or Calvary) as at the advertised closing date for applications AND who hold a relevant Allied Health Professional degree or equivalent AND a minimum one year full-time equivalent postgraduate clinical work experience.

Course Eligibility

In addition to the above, applicants must also demonstrate that the course they are applying for meets the Scheme’s course eligibility criteria.

Eligible courses can have a clinical, education, management and leadership and/or research related focus and must also demonstrate alignment with ACT Health’s values and reform and innovation priorities.

Full details including information on ACT Health’s reform and innovation priorities are outlined in the 2017 Scheme Guidelines which can be downloaded here.

Important Information for prospective applicants in 2018

Applications for the 2018 round are scheduled to open November 1st 2017 and further information will be posted to this page once dates are confirmed.

In the interim prospective applicants are encouraged to consider their proposed course of study aligns with the dot points below. It may also be helpful to review the 2017 Scheme documentation available at the links below.

  • Courses of study need to align with and/or contribute to ACT Health values;
  • Courses of study need to align with ACT Health’s reform and innovation priorities;
  • The Application Form (hyperlink to attached Word doc –03 FINAL AHPSS Application Form) now includes a section that requires applicants to address two selection criteria;
    • Detail the relationship between the proposed course of study and your area of allied health practice;
    • Describe how your proposed course of study is relevant to and aligns with ACT Health values and reform and innovation priorities.


Contact Chief Allied Health Office

Sally Ranford
Scheme Administrator
Phone (02) 6205 2494