Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Learning

ACT Health is committed to promoting and embedding interprofessional collaborative practice, learning and collaborative culture within the organisation. This is achieved through a range of activities for example interprofessional quality improvement, research and learning activities.
ACT Health has identifed collaboration as one of their core values: Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity. In this context Collaboration is defined as "Actively communicate to achieve the best results by giving time, attention and effort to others. Respect and acknowledge everyone’s input, skills and experience by working together and contributing to solutions. Share knowledge and resources willingly with your colleagues".

As part of their ongoing commitment The ACT Health has had a research partnership with the support of an Arc Linkage grant 2007-2010 “An action research project to strengthen interprofessional learning and practice across the ACT Health System. This Interprofessional Learning Project was able to positively influence both health care delivery and the education of our current and future health professionals.