NGO Forum

NGO Forum

The ACT Government has in place Service Funding Agreements with a range of community organisations to deliver services in the community that complement those delivered directly by ACT Health.

ACT Health has an ongoing responsibility to ensure that it is getting the best value for taxpayer’s money and is open to innovation and efficiency, so it can continue to deliver quality outcomes for the community as a whole.

ACT Health last week (Friday 16 November 2016) held an information forum with Non- Government Organisations (NGOs) who deliver health services in the ACT. 

Invited stakeholders included those providing specific clinical services (such as residential rehabilitation programs) and those delivering programs under grant funding arrangements, as well as NGOs that are not currently in a contractual relationship with ACT Health but may be in the future. 

The forum provided stakeholders with information on the Clinical Services Framework (CSF), the development, timeframes for deliverables and consultation phases and how this will align with the ACT Health Sector NGO Services Procurement process.

The Clinical Service Framework is intended to be a Government endorsed health service planning document for ACT’s public health system.  The development of a principal strategic planning document will guide health policy and inform the provision of health care services across the ACT over the next 10 years.

Much work is already underway to deliver the CSF, with inpatient, outpatient and community services being examined, as well as options for redesign and reform to better deliver patient-centred outcomes for the future.

The purpose of the Information forum was to provide stakeholders with information of the alignment with the CSF, and update and provide the organisations with information on how the CSF will impact on them. Additionally, to engage with stakeholders to provide assurances that a fair and consultative process about the scope and the stages of procurement will be undertaken.