ACT Nurse Practitioner Review 2017

In 2017, the ACT Government commissioned the first independent review of existing governance arrangements for nurse practitioners in the Territory, titled Nurse Practitioners in the Australian Capital Territory in 2017 – A Review.

The Review focused on the governance infrastructure for nurse practitioners, evolving scopes of practice and future health service planning requirements to support provision of safe, high quality nurse led services that are accessible, acceptable, affordable and sustainable for the community.

The ACT Review concluded mid-year highlighting the value of nurse led models of client health care, and identifying the need for reform of existing governance arrangements for nurse practitioners in the Territory.


The Review has confirmed that adequate national regulation, generic ACT regulation, employer obligations and responsibilities, and other professional safeguards are in place to warrant the removal of the nurse practitioner specific governance arrangements currently administered by ACT Health.


The full Report can be accessed here

Additional Information

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