February 2014-2015 Graduate

  • "The CDNs were there every single shift for me if I needed them. Only just a page away. Extra education sessions was beyond my expectations".
  •  "It was amazing completing it!!! Being a part of it!! Just so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be employed by TCH and being so wonderfully supported by the whole graduate team".

February 2015-2016 Graduate

  • "Everything that I achieved this year, I can’t imagine doing without the support of the TTPP Team".

February 2017-2018 Graduate

  • 'An extremely supportive program'
  • 'The program has given me a good basis to now build on my nursing career'
  • 'I felt there was the right amount of being allowed to find your own feet and help from the program staff.  We were not babied but we were definitely not left on our own'