Contractor information

ACT Health has prepared this handbook in order to assist Contractors and their staff to work safely on the Canberra Hospital campus and subsidiary health centres and sites, and abide by ACT Health requirements relating to workplace, health safety and the environment.

The aim of the handbook is to provide guidance and explain the responsibilities, local site rules and some of the health and safety obligations of Contractors and their employees working at any ACT Health site.

Contractor Site Safety Handbook *

Contractor Site Safety Handbook (April 2014)

Contractor responsibility

The Contractor has full responsibility to:

a) Identify all relevant regulations dealing with safety and the environment;

b) To understand the full extent of the ACT Health and the Contractor's respective legal obligations; and respective legal obligations; and

c) Fully implement all measures necessary to fully protect and promote the safety of all persons working on or near any ACT Health site on which the Contractor is working, remains fully with the Contractor.

* Nothing in this handbook may be construed as implying or suggesting that the Contractor is in any way released or absolved from fully complying with all its statutory obligations of common law by virtue of ACT Health having provided this handbook to the Contractor.

More information

Further information about statutory requirements can be obtained from local offices of the ACT WorkSafe Inspectorate and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).