Kilojoule Displays in ACT Food Businesses

The Food Act 2001 requires some ACT food businesses to display the kilojoule (kJ) content of their standard food items. The laws aim to provide consumers with nutritional information to help them make informed dietary choices when purchasing standard food items. 

The laws do not apply to all food businesses. Food businesses affected by the laws may include fast food franchises and chain restaurants. Caterers are exempt from these laws. 

Use the below flowchart and definitions to see if your food business must display kilojoule information. For advice, contact the Health Protection Service on 6205 1700 or email

Kilojoule Display flowchart


  • Standard Food Item: a ready-to-eat food of standard size and content that is listed on a menu or displayed for sale with a price tag or label.
  • Standard food outlet means a food business that sells standard food items at other premises or as part of chain/franchise arrangements.
  • Chain/Franchise Food Business: operates as one of a group of food businesses that sell Standard Food Items: 
    • under franchise arrangements with a parent business or
    • under common ownership/control or
    • under the same trading name as a group of other food businesses that sell Standard Food Items.

User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions for businesses

For more information about kilojoule displays, please see the User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

Kilojoule Display User Guide for ACT Food Businesses

Note: the information on this website is intended as a guide only. Individuals should refer to the
Food Act 2001 and Food Regulation 2002 for specific legislative provisions.

Review of Kilojoule display laws

On 14 September 2017, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing tabled a review report on the ACT’s kilojoule display laws in the ACT Legislative Assembly. The report reviews the operation and impact of the ACT kilojoule display laws and considers studies undertaken by other Australian jurisdictions on requirements to display nutritional information at food outlets. 

Review of Display of Nutritional Information for Food


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