Register of Food Offences

When an individual or company is found guilty of an offence against the Food Act 2001, ACT Health publishes a summary of the conviction on the Register of Food Offences.

Several other jurisdictions also publish proven food-related offences online (e.g. WA’s Names of Offenders List and Victoria’s Register of Convictions).

Publishing offences allows consumers to make informed decisions about where they eat or buy food.

Register of Food Offences (updated 3 July 2017)

Offences on the register may include the handling and/or sale of unsafe food, misleading conduct relating to the sale of food or failure to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The information on each offence will generally be published for 2 years following any appeal period. Publication will not occur where the court has made an order preventing publication.

ACT Health routinely updates the register as appropriate. More information about the register (e.g. what information can be published, how to apply to change the register, etc) can be found in the Guide to the Register of Food Offences.

Guide to the Register of Food Offences

Applying to change the Register of Food Offences

A person may apply to the Chief Health Officer to amend the register at any time by completing the Application for change to the Register.

Application for change to the Register

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