Food and drink marketing in the ACT - community consultation results

Between 29 September and 23 November 2015, the ACT Government conducted a community consultation on ways to increase the availability and promotion of healthy food and drinks, and reduce the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks, particularly marketing aimed at children.

Interested parties were invited to nominate actions that could be undertaken across businesses, sporting organisations and ACT Government venues and events.

The consultation, which was conducted as part of the ACT Government's Towards Zero Growth: Healthy Weight Action Plan, sought to generate an expansive range of ideas on influencing food and drink marketing in the ACT towards healthier choices.

Over 500 responses to the consultation were received through an online survey, email, pre-paid postcard, social media and targeted forums for businesses, the community, sporting organisations and event organisers. A summary of responses is available which includes two attachment documents, please refer to the attachments below. A list of online survey and email responses can also be viewed below.