PET/CT Scanner Suite


The PET/CT scanner

The Positron Emission Tomography / Computerised Tomography (PET/CT) Scanner Suite at Canberra Hospital was designed to close an existing gap in service delivery in the ACT.

Before the installation of the PET/CT scanner PET scanning was not previously available at Canberra Hospital and patients from the ACT and surrounding NSW were referred to Sydney or Melbourne.

In excess of 1000 patients per year from Canberra and the surrounding region benefit from this new service. Many of the patients previously referred interstate for this service now have the option of using the PET service at Canberra Hospital.

The equipment allows images acquired from both the PET and CT devices in the same session to be viewed either separately or combined. It is used for diagnostic assessment, follow-up and treatment planning primarily for cancer but can also be used in other disciplines such as Neurology.

The PET/CT scanner is considered essential to ensuring that Canberra Hospital is able to provide a full range of medical imaging services and treatment options.

The new service means less travel, inconvenience and disruption for patients, their families and loved ones at what is an already stressful time in their lives.

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