Refurbishments and Relocations

An image of Building 24 which is a demountable building installed to increase office accommodation space.

A number of services at Canberra Hospital have moved into new and upgraded locations on the hospital campus.

Many of the services have moved into the brand new Building 15, located on Hospital Road. The new building includes upgraded clinical spaces and will serve as a better and more efficient outpatient facility. Building 15 is located immediately next to the multi-storey car park, providing more convenient access for clients. Accessible parking is available in this car park.

About Building 15 at Canberra Hospital

The opening of Canberra Hospital’s new Building 15 will be a positive change for outpatients who need to visit the hospital on a regular basis, and use a variety of services.

The new building will be a dedicated outpatients’ facility, bringing together a number of different services in one easy-to-reach location. Building 15 is located next door to the Southern Car Park, making it even easier for people to access outpatient services. It also features a shared reception and waiting room, so there will be no need to negotiate a maze of unfamiliar buildings to find your next appointment.

B15 entrance_0.jpg

For example, if a person is recovering from surgery or managing a chronic condition, they may need to have weekly appointments with the Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy services. They will be able to access all of these in one place – Building 15.

A new booking system, which is a first for ACT Health, is also being trialled in the new building. This will allow multiple services to share clinical rooms, maximising the use of resources and space to create greater efficiencies in patient flow.

So much is happening to improve Canberra Hospital and its services, as part of the Health Infrastructure Program. We hope you are as excited as we are to see the new Building 15 in operation.

Services located at Building 15

Below is a list of the services have moved to Building 15:

  • Occupational Medicine Unit
  • Medical Physics & Radiation Engineering
  • Medicine – Renal outpatients
  • Medicine – Neurology
  • Acute Nutrition
  • Acute Psychology
  • Acute Physiotherapy
  • Acute Speech Pathology
  • Acute Occupation Therapy
  • Acute Social Work
  • Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Liaison Office
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation (clinics only)
  • Heart Failure Rehabilitation (clinics only)
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Spiritual Support
  • Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care (RACC)
    • RACC Speech Pathology
    • RACC Occupational Therapy
    • RACC Geriatrics
    • RACC Radar Nurses
    • RACC Psychology

A map is provided below indicating the location of Building 15. Please note that a section of Hospital Road outside Building 15 will be closed until early 2016, including the pick up and set down bay outside the Building 15 entrance.

To assist visitors, a temporary pick up and set down point will be located on level 2 of the Southern Car Park, immediately next to the walkway that connects the car park to

Hospital Road.

Building 15 TCH Location_road closure.jpg

The Canberra Hospital Courtesy Bus is also available to assist visitors around the hospital campus. More information on the Courtesy Bus and its pick up and set down points is available here:

If you have any questions regarding the moves, please contact patient enquiries on (02) 6244 2613.

Other projects

In addition to the major projects of the Health Infrastructure Program, a large number of smaller yet not insignificant projects are also being undertaken across ACT Health.

These projects involve the relocation or expansion of existing services; the relocation of office accommodation; and the upgrading of essential infrastructure such as lifts, boilers, chillers fire and emergency systems, water, gas, electrical and data cabling services.

In broad terms, this group of projects are often referred to as being parts of the 'big jigsaw puzzle' that ultimately allows the major projects of the Health Infrastructure Program to continue in sequence.

Examples of these projects, primarily on the Canberra Hospital campus, include:

  • six additional beds on Level 7 of Building 1 at Canberra Hospital
  • additional beds on Level 8 and Level 9 of Building 1 at Canberra Hospital
  • a new 8-bed Medi-Hotel which offers on-campus accommodation to eligible people who do not require hospital admission before, during or after their treatment.
  • redesign of central outpatients department
  • redesign and refurbishment of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit
  • expansion of Hospital in the Home to include one additional bed
  • relocation of the Discharge Lounge from Level 7 of Building 1 to Level 2 of Building 1. This also provides for four additional spaces
  • four additional nurse-led treatment bays in the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department
  • relocation of Peritoneal Dialysis from Level 8 of Building 1 to Gaunt Place
  • refurbishment works on Level 5 of Building 1
  • refurbishment works on Levels 4 and 10 of Building 1
  • re-use of the old Psychiatric Services Unit Building 15)
  • new Cryogenic Store
  • upgrade of major plant throughout ACT Health, including lift upgrades, installation of new boilers and chillers, and essential infrastructure works
  • redesign and refurbishment of the old ESA building in Curtin to provide expanded office accommodation for ACT Health staff required to relocate from the Canberra Hospital campus and other locations

The combined result of these upgrade, expansion and relocation projects is improved infrastructure and facilities, better use of available space, and the continued expansion of services to meet current and future demand for health care services.

Management of this group of projects is undertaken by ACT Health staff employed in an area that oversees Strategic Accommodation, Capital Upgrade Projects, and Staging and Decanting.

Further information

For more information about these Health Infrastructure Program projects email: