Under Construction

HIP project under constructionThe ACT Government’s Health Infrastructure Program is about investing in Canberra’s health by changing how and where patients are cared for. The Health Infrastructure Program is one of the biggest investments ever delivered in the ACT. Since 2009, over $908 million has been invested in the program.

The Health Infrastructure Program is about delivering the right care for patients at the right time in the right place, be it in hospital, in a specialised centre, or in the community. To achieve this, more than 20 buildings are being built, expanded or refurbished right across the Territory.

There are various projects currently under construction, including:

Emergency Department Expansion

  • As part of the ACT Government’s Health Infrastructure Program, ACT Health is redeveloping and upgrading a number of areas at Canberra Hospital.
  • On 1 December 2014, the ACT Government announced that $23 million will be invested in the expansion of the Emergency Department at Canberra Hospital.
  • New areas of the expansion will open progressively throughout the expected 18 months construction time.
  • The expansion and refurbishment will improve the Emergency Department’s layout, creating efficiencies that will lead to an expected reduction in waiting times.
  • The project will integrate a paediatrics streaming function, which transfers children (and parents/carers) to a dedicated waiting and then treatment area for young people.
  • The expansion is expected to be completed in late 2016.

Secure Mental Health Unit

  • The Secure Mental Health Unit will be a 25 bed unit that will provide a safe clinical and therapeutic environment for people with a mental illness who may be characterised as complex, often difficult to treat and are of serious risk to others.
  • Construction is to begin in mid-2015 at the former Quamby Youth Detention Centre site, Symonston.
  • Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services are working with the Health Infrastructure Program on the commissioning plan for the Unit.
  • Prototype rooms will be developed on the Canberra Hospital campus in advance of the construction so that staff and other stakeholders can provide feedback on room design.

Capital Upgrade Program

The Capital Upgrade Program (CUP) undertakes projects across all ACT Health sites to address asset serviceability issues and also improve patient safety, staff safety, workplace efficiency, clinical service capabilities and sustainability. Projects undertaken throughout 2014 and 2015 include:

  • Installation of new building metering at Canberra Hospital (TCH) to improve energy monitoring
  • Upgrading of patient bathroom facilities in Building 1 at The Canberra Hospital
  • Loading dock lighting and safety upgrades at The Canberra Hospital
  • Roof upgrades at the Phillip Community Health Centre
  • Fire and safety upgrades at Clare Holland House
  • Visitor lift upgrades at The Canberra Hospital
  • Signage upgrades at The Canberra Hospital and 1 Moore Street; and
  • Upgrades of bathrooms and kitchens at the Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre.