Accessing your medical records

The Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1997 requires ACT Health to create and keep health records in a manner that ensures the privacy of your health information. Our goal is to afford you the opportunity to access the information held about you in these health records.

Accessing your ACT Health medical records

How do I access my own health record?

About Health Records

Health records created by any ACT Health facility are confidential documents and remain the property of ACT Health. Copies of health records are not released to consumers or third parties without a written request and signed authorisation from the consumer.

Requests to access health records are assessed under the ACT Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1997 and fees apply.

Please note: A Health Service Provider, such as a General Practice or Dentist’s Clinic, who creates and has possession or control of a medical record, is considered the record keeper.  To access your medical records held by your General Practitioner or Dentist, contact the Practice directly.

See these documents for more information about health records:

Please see the following document to find out more information about how your personal health information is collected, for what purpose, who it may be shared with and under what circumstances. 

Medical Records Fees

The Medical Records Fee Approval is the full fees determination instrument.

More information on the changes

See the Fact Sheet below, which assists record keepers when a patient makes a record transfer request, or when a practice closes, merges or relocates.

Two training sessions were recently conducted by the ACT Health Services Commissioner to help record keepers, health professionals and the general public understand the responsibilities of a record keeper.

Health Practice Closure, Merger or Relocation


Health Records (Privacy & Access) Act 1997

The Health Records (Privacy & Access) Act 1997:

  • requires a period of four weeks notice to consumers and the community before a closure, merger or relocation of a practice;
  • enables the prioritisation of urgent requests for the transfer of health records;
  • clarifies that consumers can only ask for a copy of their health record and not an original but this does not prevent you transferring original records if you choose;
  • clarifies the time frames around when a requested copy of a record must be provided by a record keeper; and
  • introduces a requirement that record keepers notify ACT Government Health Directorate of practice closures, mergers or relocations.