e-Health records

An electronic health (eHealth) record provides you with more access to your health information.

eHealth records can be accessed when you are out and about, providing access to summary health information from wherever you are. Over time, the amount of information available will increase as more healthcare professionals contribute to eHealth records.

Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record logoNational eHealth record system

The Australian Government has implemented a national eHealth record system for people seeking health care in Australia.

Registering for an eHealth record will help you take control of your health and your health information.

Over time, having an eHealth record will provide a range of benefits including better access to your health information, better healthcare delivery, and greater involvement in your health choices.

As the system grows it will also give doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care the information they need to make the best decisions about your health needs.

To register online for an eHealth record, or to obtain more information, visit this website

ACT Health and the national eHealth record

Canberra Hospital and Health Services is committed to supporting the national eHealth record system. In March 2013, we began submitting our standard discharge summaries to the national eHealth record system. Over time, we plan to increase the ways in which we contribute to the national eHealth record system.

If you are an inpatient at Canberra Hospital, and you have registered for a national eHealth record, your electronic discharge summary can be sent to your eHealth record after you have been discharged from hospital. Initially, this option is available for our standard inpatient discharge summaries.

For more information, please read our consumer information brochure: