Do you identify as LGBTI and need help accessing health services?

ACT Health has created a new position to work across ACT Health to improve inclusion and health care access for people who identify as LGBTI. The position, LGBTI Inclusion Officer, which sits within the Multicultural Health and Diversity Policy Unit, will advocate for changes and improvements to the current health services delivered by ACT Health, seeking to improve the experience for LGBTI people.

Some of these changes have already been made, including:

  • Creation of an LGBTI working group in our mental health and alcohol and drugs services. This working group has partnered with a range of organisations to provide training to service staff so they are capable and confident in working with LGBTI people who have mental health or alcohol and drug issues;
  • Changes to the administrative practices in the Cervical Screening Service to include all people with a cervix (including transgender men); and
  • Introduction of non-gendered baby identity cards to reduce the emphasis of the gender and sex of a baby in the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, instead of the typically used gender specific pink and blue cards.

Of course, this is just the beginning. We will continue to identify changes to improve the health experience for LGBTI people. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how ACT Health could be more inclusive of LGBTI people, or you would like support in accessing our health services, contact or Daniel Coase 02 6205 1011.


Multicultural health and diversity policy unit


Figure 1: The connections of the work of the Multicultural and Diversity Health Policy Unit including CALD, LGBTI and people with disabilities. The unit facilitates work in services, policy and strategy across a range of common issues between these areas.