ACT Health community profiles for health professionals

ACT Health has developed a series of profiles for health care providers with useful information about different country-of-birth communities in the ACT, including age and gender profiles, common health conditions, tips for culturally appropriate communication, and more.

Please note: all communities are made up of diverse individuals who may have different norms, beliefs and lifestyles. Information provided in these profiles may not apply to all members of a given community and should be used as guidance only.

 These profiles have been developed using 2011 Census data, in consultation with community members.

The following ACT Health community profiles are currently available:

ACT Health will regularly develop new profiles and update existing profiles with up to date information.

ACT health community profiles are based on the Community profiles for health care providers developed by Queensland Health.

The Commonwealth Department of Social Services has also published Community Information Summaries for people born in more than 100 countries, based on the 2011 Census.