Data collection and processing

The instruments measure air quality continuously and data is collected by data loggers which poll each instrument every 5 seconds. The averaged data is recovered automatically from the stations throughout the day. This data, averaged over hourly intervals, is stored in the data loggers' memory.

The data are stored on a central computer at the ACT Government Analytical Laboratory. The data is transferred to Data ACT and displayed on the ACT Health website. The data is preliminary validated data; some preliminary checks have been carried out, but on occasion the data may be invalid as a result of instrument malfunctions or disturbances to measurements due to calibration or maintenance (Note: 1600 hour (4pm AEST) data is always missing due to automated testing of the instruments for that time period).

The data later undergoes a more intensive validation process where it is checked against daily calibration values, maintenance records and known environmental conditions (e.g. bushfires, dust storms and construction work). This validated data are used for reports and data requests.

A copy of the fully validated hourly data are periodically uploaded to the web page.

Data is reported as Australian Eastern Standard time (AEST) only and is not adjusted for daylight saving.