Air Quality Monitoring Sites

All of the ACT's Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Sites are sited to comply with Australian Standard 3580.1.1 Methods for sampling and analysis of ambient air Part 1.1: Guide to siting air monitoring equipment as far as possible.

Below is a table that shows how each site compares to the Australian Standard for the Neighbourhood and Background criteria.

Site Sampling inlets Height above ground level (1-15m) Clear sky angle 120⁰ Unrestricted flow of 270⁰ around sampling inlet 10m from drip line of trees that are taller than 1m Extraneous sources near by Distance to nearest road (should be at least 50m)
Civic 4.5m Yes Yes 3m None 6m
Florey 3.4m Yes Yes 25m None 150m
Monash 4.5m Yes Yes 40m None 400m

National Environmental Protection Measure ambient air quality pollutants monitored at each site:

Site Carbon Monoxide (CO) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Ozone (O3) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Lead Particulate Matter Less than 10 micrometres in diameter (PM10) Particulate Matter Less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter (PM2.5)
Civic No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Florey Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Monash Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes