Communicable disease control

The primary role of the Communicable Disease Control Section (CDC) is to minimise the harm caused by the spread of communicable diseases in the ACT. This is done through the implementation of the national immunisation program, the notification and investigation of communicable diseases, the regulation of public health risk activities, and the implementation of disease control measures.

The Communicable Disease Control Section has three main business areas:

  • Disease Surveillance - Responsible for the coordination of the ACT Communicable Diseases Surveillance Program.
  • Infection Control - Responsible for regulating all businesses in the ACT that perform skin penetration procedures, and the provision of advice to long term residential care facilities, Child Care Centres, schools and visiting tour groups regarding the management of outbreaks of communicable diseases.
  • Immunisation - The Immunisation Unit is responsible for the coordination of the ACT Immunisation Program, which aims to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases by increasing access to vaccines

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