Disease Surveillance

Disease Surveillance

The Disease Surveillance Unit is responsible for the coordination of the ACT Communicable Diseases Surveillance Program. The overall aim of the program is to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases in the ACT community by implementing disease control measures.

The main roles of the Disease Surveillance Unit include:

  • Management of the ACT Notifiable Disease Surveillance Program.
  • Collection and recording of disease notifications, including the analysis of data and monitoring of disease trends.
  • The follow-up and investigation of cases of notifiable diseases (in line with local and national guidelines) and the implementation of disease control measures to prevent the spread of these diseases in the community.
  • Investigation and management of disease outbreaks.
  • Informing and developing disease prevention and control strategies.

Notifiable Conditions

There are more than 60 notifiable conditions in the ACT. Under the Public Health Act 1997 it is a requirement that certain individuals (doctors, authorised nurse practitioners, pathologists, persons in charge of hospitals and other responsible people) inform the Chief Health Officer if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a patient has, or may have, a notifiable condition. The requirements for such notifications are prescribed in the Reporting of Notifiable Conditions Code of Practice which has recently been updated and legislated in August 2017. This Code of Practice replaces the previous version legislated in 2006.

A list of the current notifiable conditions in the ACT and the new Code of Practice (including detailed information on how to a report a notifiable condition) can be found on the ACT Legislation Register.

To report a notifiable condition, download and complete the form below and fax to (02) 6205 1739 or email cdc@act.gov.au. Alternatively, please call the Communicable Disease Control Information line on (02) 6205 2155.

Surveillance Data

ACT Health provides surveillance data to the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS) which is managed by the Australian Government Department of Health. This notification data, plus data from other Australian jurisdictions, can be found at: National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS).

ACT Health conducts surveillance for laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza in the ACT. Each influenza season (approximately May/June to Sept /Oct), the Disease Surveillance Unit prepares a fortnightly influenza report which includes current data on influenza notifications in the ACT. Both past and current reports can be found at Influenza in the ACT.