Canberra Patient's First Test Results Negative

ACT Health ACT Acting Chief Health Officer Dr Andrew Pengilley this morning said the first Ebola test conducted on a female patient at Canberra Hospital has returned a negative result.

“This is the first of two tests that are undertaken as part of the Ebola protocols followed by ACT Health. The next will be conducted tomorrow morning with the results expected on Monday (13 April).

“In addition to the good news that the first test is negative, I can also advise that overnight the patient’s condition has improved.

“I would again stress to the community that we are being overly cautious, however we will be remaining vigilant until the final tests results are confirmed on Monday,” Dr Pengilley said.

Today’s statement follows yesterday’s announcement that ACT Health today confirmed that as a precautionary measure a person who recently returned from West Africa has been admitted into the dedicated Canberra Hospital isolation ward.

The precautionary admission was a result of ACT Health’s monitoring program. The medical professional who had been working in Liberia, has been undergoing monitoring since their return from overseas as required by ACT Health procedures.

As a precautionary measure ACT Health has advised family members to stay at home.

There have been no cases of Ebola Virus Disease in Australia.

The next media update will be when the tests results are received on Monday morning.

Ebola facts

  • Only people that have been in direct contact with body fluids of people who are unwell with Ebola or infected animals are at risk of contracting the disease.
  • Ebola is not infectious in people without symptoms of the disease, and therefore, well people pose no risk of infection to others.
  • Ebola cannot be spread by casual social contact with a person during the incubation period.
  • Canberra Hospital is equipped to deal with a suspected or confirmed case and is finalising comprehensive plans to ensure a high level of preparedness and response is available.

Statement Ends 11 March 2015 - Media Contact:  Health Media:  0403 344 080