Death Cap Mushrooms

The Death Cap mushroom is a deadly poisonous introduced fungus that is responsible for 90% of all deaths related to mushroom consumption.

Death Cap mushrooms often grow near established oak trees, and are found when there is warm, wet weather.

In Canberra this usually occurs in autumn.

About Death Cap mushrooms

People should not pick or eat wild mushrooms, and should talk to their families, friends and neighbours about the dangers of death cap mushrooms.

Cooking Death Cap mushrooms does not make them safe.

Anyone who may have accidently eaten Death Cap mushrooms should seek urgent medical attention at a hospital emergency department.

Wild mushrooms can kill you.

Media release

Death Cap mushroom season is here again.

Download: Media Release - 17 March 2014 (PDF File - 294k)

Further information

For further information, see the information sheet below or contact the Health Protection Service on (02) 6205 1700.

Download: Death Cap Mushrooms Information Sheet (March 2014) (PDF File - 188k)


Download: Death Cap Mushrooms (PDF File - 3338k)
Death Cap Mushrooms - Chinese Simplified (PDF File - 3795k)
Death Cap Mushrooms - Chinese Traditional (PDF File - 3386k)


Download: Death Cap Mushrooms - Chinese Simplified (PDF File - 258k)
Death Cap Mushrooms (PDF File - 269k)
Death Cap Mushrooms - Chinese Traditional (PDF File - 680k)