Policy and Plans

The Policy and Plans Register is a library of ACT Health's clinical and operational policy documents. Policy documents include strategies, frameworks, plans, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative formats

If you require a policy, plan, strategy or guideline in a format unavailable through this website, please email: HealthACT@act.gov.au

NOTE: Documents available on the ACT Health website reflect current policy settings of government.  Dates listed on some strategic documentation provide insight into the planning horizon considered when drafting the document, not the currency of the information contained within that document. 

Document Sizesort descending
Coarctation of the aorta.pdf 330.95 KB
Atrial Septal Defect ASD.pdf 331.09 KB
Influenza vaccine DandA CHHS17-027 Medication Standing Order.pdf 331.3 KB
ACT Health Sustainability Strategy 2016 -2020.pdf 333.18 KB
CHHS Maternity Record Chart.pdf 334.34 KB
Caring for Carers Policy.pdf 334.41 KB
Adrenaline CHHS17 057 MSO.pdf 335.68 KB
Chest Pain Evaluation Unit CPEU.pdf 335.74 KB
Mindfulness For Cancer Group Program Poster.pdf 337.49 KB
Atrioventricular Septal Defect AVSD.pdf 346.78 KB
Flexor Tendon Repair - 6 weeks.pdf 346.99 KB
Cephalhaematoma.pdf 348.25 KB
Funeral Financial Assistance.pdf 349.09 KB
Replacement of Permanent Pacemaker of Defibrillator Generator.pdf 349.25 KB
Insertion Of A Pacemaker.pdf 353.32 KB
After a ingrown toenail operation.pdf 353.42 KB
Central Slip Repair.pdf 359.66 KB
Meal Delivery Services at home.pdf 362.77 KB
Unsupervised take-away doses of Suboxone.pdf 365.09 KB
Fathers Matter Counselling Support.pdf 365.11 KB
Breast Milk Fortifier.pdf 365.26 KB
Information to help you during your baby's admission to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU and Special Care Nursery SCN.pdf 367.98 KB
Flexor Tendon Repair.pdf 369.31 KB
Congenital Adenomatoid Malformation Of The Lung.pdf 370.54 KB
Corns.pdf 370.62 KB
Home Power Outage Making an Emergency Action Plan.pdf 370.88 KB
Caring for Carers Policy - Carers Charter Fact Sheet.pdf 372.79 KB
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.pdf 373 KB
Volar Plate Injuries.pdf 374.5 KB
Calf Stretches.pdf 376.03 KB
Balanitis.pdf 377.8 KB
P A R T Y Program Information for Students.pdf 378.39 KB
NRT inhaler CHHS17 127.pdf 378.93 KB
Footsure Program 5 Skills.pdf 379.67 KB
Getting a Urostomy.pdf 380.68 KB
ACT Solicitors available to Canberra Hospital patients.pdf 385.09 KB
Mindfulness For Cancer Group Program.pdf 387.49 KB
Equipment suppliers in the ACT and Surrounds.pdf 388.87 KB
Callus.pdf 390.34 KB
Strength Exercises - Weights.pdf 392.02 KB
Equipment Ownership transfer-NDIS.pdf 392.74 KB
Cranial Stereotactic Radiaton Therapy Patient Information.pdf 393.33 KB
Strength Exercises-Theraputty.pdf 393.75 KB
Determination of Fees Compensable.pdf 395.86 KB
Features of a good shoe.pdf 397.57 KB
Acute Low Back pain.pdf 397.98 KB
self catheterisation for women.pdf 406 KB
Kindergarten Health Check - Height, Weight and Body Mass Index.pdf 410.51 KB
How to care for your urinary catheter.pdf 410.93 KB
Adult Eating Disorder Inpatient Service.pdf 411.06 KB