Policy and Plans

The Policy and Plans Register is a library of ACT Health's clinical and operational policy documents. Policy documents include strategies, frameworks, plans, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative formats

If you require a policy, plan, strategy or guideline in a format unavailable through this website, please email: HealthACT@act.gov.au

NOTE: Documents available on the ACT Health website reflect current policy settings of government.  Dates listed on some strategic documentation provide insight into the planning horizon considered when drafting the document, not the currency of the information contained within that document. 

Document Sizesort descending
Determination of Fees Non Eligible.pdf 411.91 KB
RACC Rehabilitation Counselling Information Sheet.pdf 413.88 KB
Self Catheterisation for men.pdf 415.27 KB
Physiotherapy Resource Useful Websites.pdf 423.98 KB
Skin Allergy test-Patient Information.pdf 427.97 KB
Anal Sphincter Tears in Childbirth.pdf 429.11 KB
Methadone Treatment and ECG Screening.pdf 430.19 KB
Tuberculin CHHS17012 Medication Standing Order.pdf 431.51 KB
After a laparoscopic appendicectomy.pdf 432.47 KB
Client Flyer - National Disability Insurance Scheme.pdf 433.27 KB
Reducing Perineal Injury during Childbirth-Massage handout.pdf 433.91 KB
Dialysate Temperature CHHS17 130 MSO.pdf 434.74 KB
Palliative Care Services Plan.pdf 436.43 KB
Acute Neck Pain.pdf 436.8 KB
BreastScreen ACT Farsi.pdf 437.87 KB
Diabetes Screening in Pregnancy.pdf 437.92 KB
cyclopentolate and phenylephrine Day Surgery CHHS17013 Medication Standing Order.pdf 438.6 KB
Trial of Void Patient Information Sheet.pdf 440.04 KB
Baxter Gravitational Pump with Slide Clamp.pdf 440.38 KB
Respiratory Function Tests-Patient Information.pdf 440.82 KB
Dialysate Calcium CHHS17 132 MSO.pdf 441.77 KB
Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnoea (EVH) - Patient Information.pdf 446.35 KB
High Altitude Simulation Test-Patient Information.pdf 446.92 KB
Womens Health Service Brochure.pdf 447.77 KB
Mannitol Challenge Test-Patient Information.pdf 450.57 KB
Adrenaline CHHS17070 Medication Standing Order.pdf 453.26 KB
Heparin during dialysis CHHS17 182 MSO.pdf 458.42 KB
Splenectomy.pdf 458.73 KB
P.A.R.T.Y. Program Information for Parents.pdf 460.07 KB
Parkinsons Phone Clinic.pdf 467.19 KB
Helping children with a lower limb injury – information for parents and carers going home from the Emergency Department.pdf 468.24 KB
Myhealth Strategy and Action Plan 2016 -2018.pdf 470.4 KB
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.pdf 472.2 KB
Artificial Limb information - National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).pdf 472.35 KB
Fungal Nails.pdf 477.92 KB
Hypertonic Saline Challenge Test-Patient Information.pdf 478.7 KB
Moist skin and your feet.pdf 478.91 KB
Tinea.pdf 479.28 KB
Methacholine Challenge Test-Patient Information.pdf 479.28 KB
Cracked Heels.pdf 480.45 KB
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other related treatment Handout.pdf 481.81 KB
Mallet Finger Injury.pdf 486.65 KB
Information for Referrers PrimaryTherapists-National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS.pdf 487.32 KB
Funeral Arrangements.pdf 493.3 KB
Graseby Monitor.pdf 494.3 KB
Completing activities of daily living - Information for parents and carers of children with a long leg cast.pdf 497.63 KB
After your child has been immunised.pdf 501.49 KB
Dialysate Sodium CHHS17 133 MSO.pdf 512.36 KB
Dialysate Flow CHHS17 129 MSO.pdf 513.59 KB
Cylopentolate 0.5 percent and phenylephrine 2.5 percent aged under 3 months CHHS17-016 Medication Standing Order.pdf 514.93 KB