Policy and Plans

The Policy and Plans Register is a library of ACT Health's clinical and operational policy documents. Policy documents include strategies, frameworks, plans, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative formats

If you require a policy, plan, strategy or guideline in a format unavailable through this website, please email: HealthACT@act.gov.au

NOTE: Documents available on the ACT Health website reflect current policy settings of government.  Dates listed on some strategic documentation provide insight into the planning horizon considered when drafting the document, not the currency of the information contained within that document. 

Document Size
Nail surgery.pdf 722.1 KB
Nasogastric Tube (NGT) Management Adults – Only.doc 1.46 MB
National framework for Child and Family Health.docx 1.32 MB
National Police Check.docx 697.03 KB
National Standard for User applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines.docx 1.31 MB
NDIS - Supporting People to Connect to the Scheme (MHJHADS).docx 2.75 MB
Nebulised Pentamidine - Administration.docx 1.32 MB
Neck Collar Information (Lying).pdf 102.38 KB
Neck Collar Information (Sitting).pdf 102.35 KB
Neonatal bacterial sepsis.docx 1.65 MB
Neonatal Emergency Transport Service Elective Transfer and Retrieval.docx 1.33 MB
Neonatal Hypoglycaemia.docx 1.39 MB
Neonatal Intensive Care Drug Manual.docx 321.77 KB
Neonatal Neurology.docx 2.8 MB
Neonatal Nutrition Guide.docx 1.64 MB
Neonatal Routine Care Procedure.docx 1.84 MB
Neonatal Surgery.docx 1.37 MB
Neurological Observations – For Adults and Paediatrics.docx 234.87 KB
Neurology Department Testing.docx 1.33 MB
Neuropsychology Referral and Administrative Process.docx 1.32 MB
Neurovascular Observations For Orthopaedic Patients.doc 785 KB
New Health Technologies - Credentialing and Defining of Scope of Clinical Practice.docx 1.34 MB
Newborn and Parent Support Service (NAPSS) – Neonatology.docx 1002.78 KB
Newborn Screening Test.docx 1.32 MB
NICUCAM.pdf 330.89 KB
Non-Elective Caesarean Section (including Classification of Urgency).docx 1.32 MB
Notification and Consultation Responsibilities in relation to the Public Advocate of the ACT - Mental Health Act 2015.docx 1.33 MB
NRT 1mg spray CHHS17 123.pdf 287.94 KB
NRT 2mg lozenge CHHS17 126.pdf 287.04 KB
NRT 7mg patch Medication Standing Order CHHS 16 232 AMC.pdf 250.52 KB
NRT 14mg patch Medication Standing Order CHHS 16 233 AMC.pdf 249.59 KB
NRT 21mg patch Medication Standing Order CHHS 16 234 AMC.pdf 251.58 KB
NRT inhaler CHHS17 127.pdf 378.93 KB
NRT patch 14mg CHHS17 124.pdf 278.19 KB
NRT patch 21mg CHHS17 125.pdf 281.07 KB
Nurse Midwife Initiated Medications March 2015.pdf 2.17 MB
Nursing and Midwifery Continuing Competence Policy.docx 687.09 KB
Nutrition and Wound Healing.pdf 680.19 KB
Obesity - Pregnancy Labour Birth and Postnatal Care.docx 1.33 MB
Obstetric Emergencies Clinical Guideline.docx 1.96 MB
Occupational Assessment Screening and Vaccination.docx 3.03 MB
Occupational Therapy Food Safety.docx 1.35 MB
Ondansetron CHHS16 089 Medication Standing Order.pdf 282.48 KB
Open Disclosure of things that don't go to plan.pdf 160.83 KB
Open Disclosure.docx 2.84 MB
Operating Theatres – Management of Emergency and Non Elective Theatres.docx 1.32 MB
Operational Escalation - Maternal and Child Health (MACH) Service.docx 1.34 MB
Opioid Maintenance Treatment and Urine Drug Screening.pdf 312.93 KB
Opioid Replacement Treatment – Justice Health Service.docx 1.36 MB
Opioid Treatment Service (OTS) - Admission to Opioid Treatment Service.docx 1.31 MB