Policy and Plans

The Policy and Plans Register is a library of ACT Health's clinical and operational policy documents. Policy documents include strategies, frameworks, plans, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative formats

If you require a policy, plan, strategy or guideline in a format unavailable through this website, please email: HealthACT@act.gov.au

NOTE: Documents available on the ACT Health website reflect current policy settings of government.  Dates listed on some strategic documentation provide insight into the planning horizon considered when drafting the document, not the currency of the information contained within that document. 

Document Size
Peritoneal Dialysis.docx 1.69 MB
Photos Video and Audio Capture Storage Disposal and Use.docx 1.56 MB
Physiotherapy Resource Useful Websites.pdf 423.98 KB
Physiotherapy – Adult Patient with a Spinal Cord Injury.docx 3.89 MB
Physiotherapy – Respiratory Management.docx 2.74 MB
Piperacillin tazobactam CHHS16 087 Medication Standing Order.pdf 272.88 KB
Placenta Praevia and Abnormally Invasive Placenta (AIP).docx 1.33 MB
Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Policy.docx 1.32 MB
Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Procedure.docx 1.32 MB
Policy Development Guideline.docx 2.29 MB
Policy Management Policy.docx 700.73 KB
Positional Talipes Calcaneo Valgus.pdf 121.04 KB
Positional Talipes Equino Varus.pdf 138.74 KB
Post Mortem Examinations and Retention of Body Tissue.docx 1.32 MB
Post Operative Handover And Observations - Adult Patients (first 24 Hours).doc 785 KB
Potassium Replacement Prescribing, Monitoring and Administration - Adult.docx 708.9 KB
Pre Operative Skin Care and Post Operative Wound Care.pdf 106.56 KB
Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes (PROM) Management at Term.docx 1.33 MB
Pregnancy Stretches.pdf 245.17 KB
Prescribing and Administration of IV Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid.docx 1.32 MB
Pressure Injury Prevention and Management.docx 4.37 MB
Preterm Labour Guideline.docx 1.34 MB
Preterm Pre-labour Ruptured Membranes.docx 1.33 MB
Prevention of Post Splenectomy Sepsis Guideline.docx 1.33 MB
Priority Groups for Admission to Opioid Maintenance Program.docx 1.31 MB
Procedural Sedation - ANZCA PS09.docx 1.31 MB
Procurement Policy.pdf 145.5 KB
prolonged pregnancy.docx 1.32 MB
Propranolol for the Treatment of Infant Haemangiomas.docx 1.33 MB
Prostatectomy education sessions.pdf 265.31 KB
Prosthetic Eyes - Provision of.docx 1.32 MB
Prosthetic Orthotic Service Client Management.docx 1.38 MB
Protective Security (Official Visits by Foreign Delegations).docx 55.62 KB
Psychological Tests - Use, Storage, and Access (MHJHADS).doc 1.7 MB
Public Health Officers responding to notifications of sexually transmissible infections in children and young people.docx 726.46 KB
Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines.docx 101.17 KB
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (Adult).docx 1.38 MB
Pulse Oximetry Screening - Neonates.docx 1.38 MB
Putting on and removing your prosthetic leg.pdf 5.49 MB
Quality and Clinical Governance Framework 2015 - 2018.doc 1.57 MB
RACC Clinical Psychologist Information Sheet for clients.pdf 182.42 KB
RACC Intake Referral Management SOP.docx 1.59 MB
RACC Neuropsychology Information Sheet.pdf 187.47 KB
RACC Rehabilitation Counselling Information Sheet.pdf 413.88 KB
RACC SW, Psychology, Counselling Involvement in Emergency Responses.docx 1.51 MB
Radial and Femoral Arterial Sheaths removal following Cardiac Catheterisation – Management and Care of Adult Patients.docx 1.54 MB
Radiation Management Policy.doc 786 KB
Radiation Therapy - SXRT Operations Manual.docx 3.49 MB
Radiation Therapy - Treatment Planning Operations Manual.docx 11.35 MB
Rapid Assessment Unit Flyer.pdf 223.71 KB