Policy and Plans

The Policy and Plans Register is a library of ACT Health's clinical and operational policy documents. Policy documents include strategies, frameworks, plans, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative formats

If you require a policy, plan, strategy or guideline in a format unavailable through this website, please email: HealthACT@act.gov.au

NOTE: Documents available on the ACT Health website reflect current policy settings of government.  Dates listed on some strategic documentation provide insight into the planning horizon considered when drafting the document, not the currency of the information contained within that document. 

Document Size
Recombinant Factor IX Benefix Medication Standing Order CHHS16 151.pdf 296.39 KB
Recombinant Factor VIII Medication Standing Order CHHS16 152.pdf 284.83 KB
Records Disposal Schedule for ACT Health Clinical Records.docx 1.4 MB
Recruitment of Senior Medical and Dental Practitioners.docx 112.59 KB
Recruitment Policy.docx 65.9 KB
Recruitment Procedure.docx 1.83 MB
Reducing Perineal Injury during Childbirth-Massage handout.pdf 433.91 KB
Referral to Forensic and Medical Sexual Assault Care.docx 1.33 MB
Rehabilitation at Home Eligibility and Prioritisation.docx 1.32 MB
Rehabilitation Psychology and Counselling Services.docx 1.33 MB
Rehabilitation Services-Patient Information.pdf 5.44 MB
Relaxation.pdf 75.88 KB
Replacement of Permanent Pacemaker of Defibrillator Generator.pdf 349.25 KB
Request for Legal Advice.docx 716.96 KB
Research Practice policy.doc 1.41 MB
Residential Aged Care Facility Placement Operational Procedure.docx 1.35 MB
Residential Aged Care Liaison Nurse RACLN.pdf 225.46 KB
Respect at Work – Resolving Workplace Issues.docx 698.29 KB
Respiratory Function Tests-Patient Information.pdf 440.82 KB
Responding to Consumer Use of Alcohol and or Other Drugs (AOD).docx 1.34 MB
Restraint of a Person - Adults Only.doc 2.92 MB
Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening and Treatment.docx 1.48 MB
Reviewing the Clinical Competence of a doctor or dentist following the receipt of a complaint or concern.docx 1.33 MB
Rheumatology flyer.pdf 142.77 KB
Rib Injuries.pdf 61.06 KB
Risk Management Framework.doc 1.18 MB
Risk Management Guidelines.docx 2.25 MB
Risk Management Policy.docx 693.3 KB
Role of the Registered Midwife in Maternal and Child Health (MACH) Services.doc 1.37 MB
Role of the Support Person in Labour and Birth.docx 1.32 MB
Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC).docx 1.31 MB
Safe Sleeping Guidelines - Neonates and Infants up to 12 months of age.doc 1.43 MB
Seasonal Influenza Vaccine CHHS17 059 Medication Standing Order.pdf 290.76 KB
Seated Lower Limb Strengthening Exercises.pdf 130.19 KB
Seclusion of Persons with Mental Illness or Mental Disorder Detained under the Mental Health Act 2015.docx 1.33 MB
Second Job Policy.docx 693.21 KB
Second Job Procedure.docx 692.07 KB
Second Opinion Reviews in Mental Health Services.docx 1.32 MB
Security Services (Dress and Appearance).docx 858.71 KB
Security Standard Operating Procedures.docx 88.16 KB
Self Catheterisation for men.pdf 415.27 KB
self catheterisation for women.pdf 406 KB
Self Medication Program - Justice Health Service.docx 1.32 MB
Self-care after removal of staples and stitches.pdf 160.78 KB
Sexually Transmitted Infection Assessment and Management at Canberra Hospital and Health Services.docx 1.36 MB
Shoulder Basic Active Assisted Range of Motion Exercises.pdf 82.8 KB
Shoulder Isometric Exercises.pdf 78.25 KB
Shoulder Pendular Exercises.pdf 62.98 KB
Shoulder Scapula Stabilisation Exercises.pdf 76.08 KB
Single Bed Stick Information Sheet.pdf 310.96 KB