ACT Health System-Wide Data Review

In February 2017, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris MLA, announced a System-Wide Data Review to ensure ACT Health’s data management and quality assurance processes are robust and accurate.

On 21 August 2018, Minister Fitzharris presented to the Legislative Assembly the final report from the System-Wide Data Review:

Leading Data Reform - The Way Forward: Outcomes of the ACT Health System-Wide Data Review

The final report outlines nine key themes on which the System‑Wide Data Review focused, together with key findings, recommendations and future activities.

The final report is supported by the  ACT Government Response and the System-Wide Data Review Implementation Plan. This report sets out a work program over three years to fully implement and embed its recommendations. The Implementation Plan outlines this work program in detail, starting with the projects that will commence in the coming six months. There will be rolling six-monthly updates to the Implementation Plan, which will provide information on ACT Health’s progress and to detail activities for the next six months.

ACT Government Response

System-Wide Data Review Implementation Plan

The System-Wide Data Review was supported and informed by the following pieces of work:

Terms of Reference of the System-Wide Data Review and how they were addressed 

Recommendations from external reviews and their statuses 

Essential and priority external reports

Root Cause Analysis

State of consumer data during the System-Wide Data Review

The outcomes of the System-Wide Data Review provide the foundations for reporting the complex datasets that ACT Health holds. The full capability of this reporting will be informed with innovative and leading analytics. It supports ACT Health’s vision of best practice performance and quality as well as continuous improvement of patient outcomes and a commitment to quality health services.