AUGP and AUGP-led projects

Project Name Lead Investigators Funding Source
BEME – Systematic review of Vertical Integration Katrina Anderson with Qld University ANUMS
Vertical Integration research Katrina Anderson, Jenny Thomson  
Refugee health project Katrina Anderson, Chris Phillips  
Integrated Care Kirsty Douglas APHCRI, $148,661
The Change Program Elizabeth Sturgiss AUGP
Aged Care Audit study Kirsty Douglas, Nick Elmitt ACT Health
After hours medical services in the ACT: an 84-hour snapshot Kirsty Douglas, Nick Elmitt ACT Health
GP Workforce Survey Kirsty Douglas ACT Health
Sexual assault of Doctors by Doctors Louise Stone ANU Gender Institute (current phase) $5,000
Validation of the WAI in General Practice Elizabeth Sturgiss RACGP Chris Silagy Scholarship
Clinical Audit Project Kirsty Douglas Capital Health Network $30,000
Exploring formal and informal communication 
Channels between primary health care and public health care and public health in obesity management
Nick Elmitt $10,000 AUGP/Radboudumc
Systematic review of therapeutic alliance and obesity management  Elizabeth Sturgiss, Nick Elmitt, Jason Agostino, Kirsty Douglas, Alex Clark  
Gap between perceptions and objective measures of weight in children using ACT KHC & ACTPANS data Kirsty Douglas, Jason Agostino, Karen Ciszek (AUGP) Hai Phung, Oscar Yang, Anne-Maree Hughes, Sommer Sherwood (Epi Sect ACT Health)  
Geocoding KHC records for residential and school addresses for mapping collaboration projects using geocoded data Kirsty Douglas, Jason Agostino, Karen Ciszek (AUGP)
Paul Konings,  Jason Passioura (NCEPH)

Medical Student Projects

Project Name Lead Investigators Funding Source
Exercise Prescription in General Practice - Knowledge, Practice and Education Elizabeth Sturgiss, Megan Deakin ANUMS
Long Term Effect of a bereavement Death Event on the Family Members’ Workforce Participation, Physical, Psychological and Social well-being Katrina Anderson, Waiman Lui ANUMS
The impact of Healer’s Art on junior doctors Katrina Anderson, Chanakya Jaiswal ANUMS
Hearing and literacy in ATSI children Jason Agostino, Don McKinnon ANUMS
An analysis of the prevalence and distribution of mental health, behavioural and developmental problems amongst kindergarten children in the ACT Jason Agostino, Reagan O’Neill, Karen Ciszek ANU/AUGP
Clinical audit on Hepatitis C treatment in the General practice setting Charles Sleiman, Emma Baigent, Molly Bannatyne, Kaneeka Gajendra Capital Health Network
Measuring social deprivation in general practice Elizabeth Sturgiss, Christine Phillips, Peter Tait ANUMS
Consumer feedback on general practice Kathryn Dwan, Liz, Jason ANUMS
Socioeconomic status and risk of developmental problems in ACT Kindergarten children using 2014-17 KHC data Kirsty Douglas, Eunike Wijaya, Karen Ciszek, Jason Agostino ANUMS
Barriers and Enablers to engagement with Aboriginal Liaison Officers from a tertiary hospital Orthopaedics unit Kirsty Douglas,Diana Perriman, Joyce Graham Harrison Slockee ANUMS

Academic Registrars’ Projects

Project Name Lead Investigators Funding Source
Physical inactivity: Physical & mental health in ACT kindergarten children Kathleen O’Brien Department of Health, ANU
The experiences of doctors-in-training on patient care and empathy Bosco Wu Department of Health, ANU
The Medical School experience: How does it affect attitudes towards nutrition care? Stephen Martin Department of Health, ANU
The effect of models of primary care on the quality of referrals to specialists Lewis Ryan Department of Health, ANU
Digital health tools and the therapeutic relationship: can eCHAT help a vulnerable population? Melinda Choy Department of Health, ANU
Narrative review: Digital health tools in vulnerable populations: a narrative review of the patient experience Melinda Choy AUGP
Cystic fibrosis in the adult patient: diagnosis and a review of new treatments for CF lung disease Melinda Choy AUGP

PhD Research Projects

Project Name Lead Investigators Funding Source
GP-led management of primary care Liz Sturgiss, Kirsty Douglas, Mark Harris, Chris van Weel ANU
The capacity and contributions of GP role in disaster systems Penny Burns, Beverley Raphael, Kirsty Douglas, Wendy Hu (WSU), Peter Aitken (JCU)  
Understanding the drivers of quality in primary care Sally Hall, Kirsty Douglas, Chris van Weel, Ginny Sargent Ochre Health
Socioeconomic inequity in utilisation of specialist services Kristin Hestmann Vinjerui, Kirsty Douglas  

AUGP Staff involvement in other research

Project Name Investigators Funding Source
Medical student resilience (external) Sarath Burgiss-Kasthala, Nick Elmitt ANU
Exploring the geo-social determinants of overweight/obesity in rural NSW Gavin Smith (sociology), Elizabeth Sturgiss, Sarath Burgis-Kasthala, Nick Elmitt, Cathy Banwell, Helen Keane ANU Seeding Grant
Absolute CVD risk workshop (qual component) Emily Banks, Jason Agostino, Rosemary Korda, Nick Elmitt, Jenny Welsh Research School Population Health NHMRC Partnership Grant
Guidelines in chronic disease management Christine Phillips, Kirsty Douglas, Sally Hall, Nick Elmitt ACT Health
Trustworthiness and safety of Google Translate translations in obtaining surgical consent Susy Macqueen (Arts & Social Sciences), Chris Phillips, Katrina Anderson, Di Slade (Arts & Social Sciences), Zhengdao Ye, Johanna Rendle-Short ANU RSHA Interdisciplinary/ Cross-College Collaborative Research Scheme
Evaluation of Medical Supervisor Capacity and Quality Katrina Anderson, Emily Haesler (CRMEC) ACT Health
Improving adults’ diets through more frequent nutrition care from General Practitioners and Practice Nurses: the ‘NutriCare’ trial Lauren Ball, Wendy Chaboyer, Clare Collins, Kirsty Douglas NHMRC - Griffith University
Absolute Risk Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (arCVD) Emily Banks, Cathy Day, Rosemary Korda, Kirsty Douglas, Jason Agostino, Danielle Butler; Katrina Anderson; Dagmar Ceramidas et al. $2.4 m Commonwealth Department of Health. 2017 to 2021
Gout management in primary care Darren Kong, Anna Dorai Raj, Liz Sturgiss  
Measuring therapeutic alliance in Belgium general practice Pauline Boeckxstaens, Liz Sturgiss  
Age-period-cohort analysis of obesity and overweight in Australian children
Using ACT KHC & ACTPANS data
Hai Phung, Oscar Yang, Anne-Maree Hughes, Sommer Sherwood (Epi Sect) Kirsty Douglas, Jason Agostino, Karen Ciszek (AUGP) ACT Health Epidemiology Section
Evaluation of One Disease’s crusted scabies elimination program Karen Gardner (UNSW), Kees van Gool (UWS), Margie Cambpell (UWS) Jason Agostino One Disease $60,000