Note 9. Other Revenue

Other Revenue arises from the core activities of the Directorate.  Other Revenue is distinct from Other Gains, as Other Gains are transactions that are not part of the core activities of the Directorate.

Revenue from Non-ACT Government Entities    
Grantsa 16,493 18,184
Otherb 3,267 2,444
Total Other Revenue from Non-ACT Government Entities 19,760 20,628
Total Other Revenue 19,760 20,628
  1. The reduction mainly relates to special purpose grants for medical research which fluctuate from year to year.
  2. The increase mainly relates to insurance claims revenue in relation to spoilage of pharmacy stock, receipt of prior year worker’s compensation claims and reimbursement of prior year expenses.

The Directorate has received grants from various entities which must be spent on specific purposes.

  2015 2014
  $’000 $’000
Contribution Analysis - Grants    
Contributions which have conditions of expenditure still required to be met:    
Contributions recognised as revenue during current year for which    expenditure in manner specified had not occurred as at balance date 3,479 1,610
Contributions recognised in previous years which were not expended in the    current financial year 7,653 8,167
Total amount of unexpended contributions as at balance date 11,132 9,777