C.5 Government contracting

Procurement principles and processes

In 2015–16, ACT Health exercised all procurement activities in accordance with the ACT Government tender thresholds and complied with procurement policies and procedures as stated in the Government Procurement Act 2001 (http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/a/2001-28/) and the Government Procurement Regulation 2007 (http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/sl/2007-29/default.asp).

To ensure compliance with ACT Government procurement legislation, ACT Health:

  • sought advice on government procurement policies and procedures from Procurement and Capital Works (PCW)
  • notified PCW of all procurements over $25,000 undertaken by ACT Health
  • appropriately referred procurements requiring single, restrictive or open tender procurement processes to PCW
  • referred all procurements requiring Government Procurement Board (GPB) consideration and/or approval to PCW.

In accordance with procurement legislation, ACT Health afforded the highest standard of probity and ethical behaviour towards prospective tenderers. Such behaviour included equality, impartiality, transparency and fair dealing.

A competitive procurement process is conducted wherever possible; however, due to the specialised nature of the industry, ACT Health frequently accesses single select and restricted select procurement methodologies. These procurement methodologies are justified under the following circumstances:

  • The procurement needs to be compatible with existing medical equipment, both hardware and software, within the clinical setting.
  • Clinical units are seeking to standardise medical equipment with existing equipment. This mitigation strategy reduces the risk of human error in the delivery of clinical practice because equipment is familiar due to established equipment operating procedures.
  • A limited number of providers possess the specialised medical knowledge and/or expertise that can fulfil the ACT Health’s requirements.
  • Timing may preclude public tenders being called in situations that could result in disruption to medical services. 

Single select and/or restricted select procurement processes are completed in accordance with the provisions of the Government Procurement Regulations 2007 (http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/sl/2007-29/default.asp) and are approved by the Director-General with a statement of justification, as required by the Government Procurement Act 2001 (Government Procurement Act 2001).

Frequently, ACT Health relies on the NSW Department of Commerce Standing Offer Agreements for restricted select procurement. Through open tender, NSW has a selected panel of preferred suppliers/providers from which procurement is made.

To use the buying power of the NSW Government, ACT Health frequently asks panel suppliers to offer NSW Department of Commerce pricing on tenders. This strategy:

  • increases the likelihood of better value for money to the Territory in comparison to a standalone open tender
  • creates a more efficient procurement process.

Social procurement is considered wherever possible. However, due to the specialised nature of its operations, ACT Health is not always able to consider utilising social enterprises. ACT Health did not undertake any social procurement in the 2015–16 year.

External sources of labour and services

In 2015-16, ACT Health engaged a range of external consultants and contractors to undertake services in the following areas:

  • frontline clinical health services
  • structural and procedural reviews of current business models
  • dispute resolution services, including complaint investigation and mediation services
  • capital works projects.

The following tables catalogue all procurements over $25,000 undertaken by ACT Health for contractors, consultants and Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) for the reporting period.

Goods, services and works

Table 56 provides goods, services and works details.

Table 56: Goods, services and works

Contract title Procurement type Exemption from quotation and tender threshold requirements Contractor name Contract amount Execution date Expiry date Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)
The Canberra Hospital Essential Works - Infrastructure and Engineering (CHEWIE) Works No Shaw Building Group Pty Ltd $3,127,454.43 03/07/2015 22/12/2017 No
Technical Advisory Panel for Facility Management Consultancy No Eco FM Pty Ltd - 20/07/2015 15/03/2018 Yes
Technical Advisory Panel for Mechanical Building Services, Electrical Building Services, Fire Engineering Services, Independent Commissioning Agent and Facility Maintenance Consultancy No A.G. Coombs Advisory Pty. Ltd. - 22/07/2015 15/03/2018 Yes
Technical Advisory Panel for Health Infrastructure Consultancy No Healthcare Equipment Planning Australia Pty Ltd - 22/07/2015 15/03/2018 Yes
Health Future Infrastructure Taskforce - Taskforce Director Consultancy No Donald Cant Watts Corke (Vic) Pty Ltd $687,475.80 31/07/2015 30/06/2016 Yes
Health Planning And Infrastructure Project Director Services (non-consultancy) Yes Law Consulting Services Pty Ltd $275,000.00 20/08/2015 12/08/2016 Yes
Health Planning and Infrastructure Project Director Services (non-consultancy) No Wombwell, Mark Christopher $250,000.00 21/08/2015 29/02/2016 Yes
PICS Maintenance and Support Services FY15-16 Consultancy Yes STYGRON SYSTEMS PTY LTD $34,221.00 03/09/2015 02/09/2016 No
Gas Chromatograph Instrument Fitted with a Flame Ionization Detector Goods No AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD   04/09/2015 03/09/2016 No
Samsung 55 Inch 60 HZ Full HD 450CD/M2, ATDEC TH-3060-UT Slim Wall Mount Goods No ETHAN GROUP PTY LTD $38,332.80 04/09/2015 03/09/2016 No
Erosion Control and Track Works at Miowera Works No Capital Hydraulics & Drains Pty Ltd $160,459.65 13/10/2015 07/12/2016 Yes
VIP 5 Tissue Processor - Quote 00021176 Goods Yes Olympus Australia Pty Ltd $121,012.32 23/10/2015 22/10/2016 No
Supply, Delivery and Installation of a BreastScreen Modality Goods Yes Hologic (Australia) Pty Limited $441,797.40 05/11/2015 04/11/2016 No
Provision of the .NET Health Manager System and Support Services Goods Yes Open Office Pty Ltd $533,544.00 09/11/2015 09/11/2018 No
The University of Canberra Hospital Design and Construct Works No Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd $138,594,123.00 18/11/2015 29/09/2018 No
Maintenance of the University of Canberra Hospital Services (non-consultancy) No Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd $49,000,000.00 18/11/2015 18/11/2022 No
ACT Health Transformational Reform Program - Tranche Two Project Implementation Consultancy Yes Kamarejo Pty Ltd trading as Healthcare Reform Consulting $281,480.00 15/12/2015 30/06/2016 No
Bigneat Asbestos Cabinet Goods No Daintree Scientific $32,631.50 17/12/2015 16/12/2017 No
Panel for Private Contracting of Elective Surgery in the ACT Services (non-consultancy) No Barton Private Hospital - 22/12/2015 24/12/2016 No
Rice, Jonathan George trading as Dr Jonathan G Rice
SMARTBARRIER TOUCH DRY ABSORBENT PAD Goods Yes The Trustee for Corsal Trust trading as HAINES MEDICAL AUSTRALIA $36,617.90 04/01/2016 03/01/2017 No
The Canberra Hospital Building 7 HVAC Upgrade Works No Electaire Pty. Limited $399,025.00 11/01/2016 18/04/2017 Yes
Gaumard 5YO Paediatric Hal Control Tablet and Software – One Year Maintenance and Service Agreement Services (non-consultancy) Yes ABACUS ALS PTY LTD $65,122.00 13/01/2016 12/01/2017 No
Executive Search and Recruitment Services Services (non-consultancy) No HardyGroup International Pty Limited $308,000.00 15/02/2016 22/04/2016 No
Auriga XL 50W Laser Console including Footpedal  2X Keys 2X Laser Safety Signs Laser Training for Theatres Staff Freight One Year Services on Parts Labour Goods No BOSTON SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD $66,000.00 23/02/2016 22/03/2017 No
Air Condition Upgrade Building 9 as per Quotation Q15-089MS Goods No Canberra Air Conditioning Services Pty Limited $229,680.00 23/02/2016 22/03/2017 No
Frima 150L Cooking Centre as per Quotation PS3006 CAN HOS Goods No ALSTHE AC & R COMPANY GROUP $48,620.00 23/02/2016 22/03/2017 No
Workstation with Camera BX 140:MM102300 Works No ABACUS ALS PTY LTD $49,090.90 24/02/2016 23/03/2017 No
Zoll R Series ALS Defibrillator Monitor Goods No ZOLL MEDICAL AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED $71,225.00 02/03/2016 01/03/2017 No
PICS Maintenance and Support Services FY15-16 Consultancy No STYGRON SYSTEMS PTY LTD $35,684.00 04/03/2016 03/03/2017 No
Radiation Oncology Stormwater Rectification Works and Canberra Region Cancer Centre Ambulance Turnaround Bay Consultancy No Shaw Building Group Pty Ltd $237,930.99 15/03/2016 20/06/2017 No
Soluscope Series 3CC-PAA-BB Endoscope as per Quotation 27272/15 PZ:JB Goods No The Trustee for The Nyora Trust T/A GALLAY MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD $90,574.66 16/03/2016 15/03/2017 No
GIF-HQ190 Dual Focus Gastroscope Goods No OLYMPUS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD $140,625.45 17/03/2016 16/03/2017 No
Consultation, engagement and the development of key messages Services (non-consultancy) No Physical Activity Foundation Ltd $125,000.00 18/03/2016 30/06/2018 Yes
TOTAL AWWSURANCE PLAN SERVICE MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR WATERS TQD S/N Q881189 25/3/16-24/3/2017 Services (non-consultancy) No WATERS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD $32,615.00 18/03/2016 17/03/2017 No
Consultation, engagement and the development of key messages Services (non-consultancy) No Coordinate Pty Ltd $79,420.00 18/03/2016 30/07/2016 Yes
Panel for the Supply and Delivery of Orthotics, Prosthetics, Associated Componentry and Medical Grade Footwear Goods No Otto Bock Australia Pty Ltd - 23/03/2016 24/03/2019 No
Medi Australia Pty Limited
Othotic & Prosthetic Centre Pty. Ltd.
Orthopaedic Appliances Pty. Ltd.
Law Comfort Pty Ltd
Ossur Australia - OA & Injury Solutions Pty Ltd
Orthotic Technical Services Pty. Ltd
Ossur Australia Pty Limited
Patino Shoes Pty Ltd trading as Feet in Focus
Technical Advisory Panel for Hazardous Goods Consultancy No Advitech Pty. Limited - 23/03/2016 20/04/2018 Yes
Panel for the Supply and Delivery of Orthotics, Prosthetics, Associated Componentry and Medical Grade Footwear Goods No Sole Support Pedorthic Solutions Pty Ltd - 24/03/2016 23/03/2019 Yes
Active Streets Pilot Evaluation and Reporting Services (non-consultancy) No University of New South Wales $38,192.70 04/04/2016 17/03/2017 No
Technical Advisory Panel for Aviation Consultancy No Aviation Professional Services Pty Ltd t/a Avipro - 05/04/2016 20/04/2018 Yes
Technical Advisory Panel for Electrical Building Services Consultancy No Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty Limited - 11/04/2016 15/03/2018 Yes
Ride or Walk to School Extension Program Services (non-consultancy) No Physical Activity Foundation Limited $198,000.00 15/04/2016 30/06/2018 No
RFQ: DS15032016-01 ICT TRANSFORMAITON PROGRAMME MANAGER Consultancy No CALLIDA RESOURCING PTY LTD $140,250.00 29/04/2016 28/04/2017 No
Design, Construction and Maintenance of the Southern Carpark Solar Project (SCSP) Consultancy No Solgen Energy Pty Ltd $1,372,895.51 02/05/2016 02/05/2022 Yes
The Canberra Hospital Main Switchboards Replacement - Design Consultant Consultancy No Steensen Varming (Australia) Pty Ltd $208,130.50 03/05/2016 30/09/2017 Yes
It’s Your Move Online Teacher Professional Learning Services (non-consultancy) No eLearning Pty Ltd trading as Online learning Australia – A Dexler education (Australia) company $65,890.00 17/05/2016 17/01/2017 No
Technical Advisory Panel - Various Disciplines Consultancy No SMEC Australia Pty. Limited - 06/06/2016 20/04/2018 Yes
Technical Advisory Panel for Facility Maintenance Consultancy No RixStewart Pty Ltd - 06/06/2016 15/03/2018 Yes
Technical Advisory Panel for Health Infrastructure Consultancy No Cogility Pty Ltd - 08/06/2016 15/03/2018 Yes


Visiting Medical Officers

Table 57 provides total amounts paid to Visiting Medical Officers (VMO) during 2015–16 . Table 57: Visiting Medical Officers

Title Surname First Name Speciality Description
of contract
Date contract
Date contract
Total amount (exclusive of GST)
1.1 Acute Services
Dr Adendorff Bruce Anaesthesia VMO 01-Apr-16 31-Mar-19 $190,531.39
Dr Adham Omar O&G VMO 28-May-14 27-May-17 $425,796.89
Dr Albekaa Safi ENT Surgery VMO 02-Nov-14 01-Nov-17 $77,856.64
Dr Al-Sameraaii Ahmad Urology VMO 01-Jun-16 31-May-19 $529,808.92
Dr Ansary Saidul Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Unit VMO 07-Feb-16 06-Feb-19 $71,886.75
Dr Ashman Bryan Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Sep-15 31-Aug-18 $411,259.38
Dr Aubin Phil Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 11-Feb-14 10-Feb-17 $101,560.90
Dr Auzins Edwin General Dentistry (OMFS) VMO 02-Jul-16 01-Jul-17 $41,565.73
Dr Bissaker Peter Cardiac Surgery VMO 02-Aug-15 01-Aug-18 $467,599.85
Dr Bradshaw Stephen Vascular Surgery VMO 02-Aug-14 01-Aug-17 $381,235.20
Dr Bromley Jonathan Acute General Medicine & Gastroenterology VMO 31-Mar-15 30-Mar-18 $159,307.50
Dr Burns Alexander Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Jun-15 01-Jun-18 $246,593.96
Dr Chan Hin Fan (Rex) Urology VMO 02-Nov-13 01-Nov-16 $37,836.98
Dr Chapman Edward Peter ENT Surgery VMO 01-Jun-16 31-May-17 $45,567.33
Dr Close Susanne O&G VMO 01-Aug-14 31-Jul-17 $169,721.66
Dr Corbett Michael Gastroenterology VMO 07-Feb-15 06-Feb-18 $72,408.39
Dr Damiani Maurizio Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Jul-16 06-Dec-16 $326,455.55
Dr Davies Stephen Anaesthesia VMO 02-Mar-15 01-Mar-18 $45,347.69
Dr Davis Ian General Surgery - Breastscreen VMO 02-Sep-14 01-Sep-17 $190,507.72
Dr De Freitas Ryan ENT Surgery VMO 02-May-16 01-May-17 $94,418.75
Dr Drummond Catherine Dermatology VMO 01-Nov-14 31-Oct-17 $58,494.04
Dr Duke David Cardiac Anaesthesia VMO 22-Jan-15 21-Jan-18 $194,506.48
Dr Edwards Joanne Paediatrics VMO 22-Aug-13 21-Aug-16 $124,582.95
Dr Eghtedari Fardin ENT Surgery VMO 09-Nov-15 08-Nov-18 $152,491.17
Dr Ellingham John Cardiac Anaesthesia VMO 29-Nov-09 29-Nov-16 $26,649.45
Dr Fahey Caroline Anaesthesia VMO 02-Sep-14 01-Sep-17 $56,904.22
Dr Farhadieh Rostam Plastic Surgery VMO 01-Apr-13 07-Mar-18 $905,082.78
Dr Findlay Michael Plastic Surgery VMO 12-Jun-16 11-Jun-17 $417,870.35
Dr Fletcher Victoria Anaesthesia VMO 11-Feb-15 10-Feb-18 $274,261.71
Dr Flynn Peter Anaesthesia VMO 21-Jan-16 20-Jan-17 $40,128.00
Dr Freckmann Mary-Louise Clinical Genetics VMO 01-Jul-15 30-Jun-18 $95,597.38
Dr French James Anaesthesia VMO 02-Sep-15 01-Sep-18 $206,414.95
Dr Fricker John OMFS - Dental Surgery VMO 02-Jul-16 01-Jul-19 $89,904.09
Dr Gallagher Elizabeth O&G VMO 16-Jun-14 15-Jun-17 $136,015.35
Dr Gibson Graeme Anaesthesia VMO 30-Jun-16 29-Jun-17 $53,089.08
Dr Gillmore Colin Anaesthesia VMO 01-Feb-15 31-Jan-18 $77,471.76
Dr Gross Michael Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 10-Aug-13 09-Aug-16 $194,144.05
Dr Hamid Celine Paediatric Surgery VMO 23-Mar-15 22-Mar-18 $286,166.69
Dr Hardman David Vascular Surgery VMO 02-Jul-15 01-Jul-18 $378,513.54
Dr Haxhimolla Hodo Urology VMO 16-Jun-15 15-Jun-18 $110,119.17
Dr Hayes Deborah Cardiology (Paediatrics) VMO 02-Mar-15 01-Mar-18 $40,258.93
Dr He Yi (Mike) General Surgery - BreastScreen VMO 15-Apr-16 14-Apr-19 $178,786.05
Dr Hehir Andrew Anaesthesia VMO 28-Jan-15 27-Jan-18 $283,024.25
Dr Jeans Phil General Surgery VMO 12-Aug-15 11-Aug-18 $183,317.39
Dr Joyce Daniel Anaesthesia VMO 09-May-16 08-May-17 $42,958.05
Dr Kahloon Muhammad Urology VMO 08-Feb-16 07-Feb-19 $52,894.75
Dr Kaye Graham Gastroenterology VMO 31-Aug-14 30-Aug-17 $358,573.21
Dr Kelly Michael General Surgery VMO 21-Dec-15 20-Dec-16 $60,000.00
Dr Kim Sueng-Yeol Oral and maxilofacial VMO 18-Mar-16 17-Mar-17 $29,592.65
Dr Kingsbury David Anaesthesia VMO 09-May-16 03-Jan-17 $127,711.90
Dr Kulisiewicz Gawel Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Aug-09 07-Aug-16 $413,725.13
Dr Kwan Bernard Anaesthesia VMO 02-Sep-14 01-Sep-17 $41,380.98
Dr Lang Robert Anaesthesia VMO 26-Jan-16 25-Jan-19 $190,366.23
Dr Lau Yeong Joe Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 08-Dec-15 07-Dec-18 $439,821.18
Dr Lee Elaine Anaesthesia VMO 11-Oct-15 10-Oct-18 $571,894.15
Dr Lee Tack-Tsiew ENT Surgery VMO 02-Jun-15 01-Jun-18 $100,563.75
Dr Leerdam Carolyn Paediatric Medicine VMO 02-Feb-15 01-Feb-18 $105,428.82
Dr Leow Yin Yin Anaesthesia VMO 29-Mar-16 28-Mar-17 $80,924.55
Dr Lim James General Surgery VMO 30-Nov-13 29-Nov-16 $87,697.06
Dr Lipsett Lachlan ENT Surgery VMO 01-Dec-15 30-Nov-16 $38,803.93
Dr Low Shiau Tween O&G VMO 01-Oct-15 30-Sep-16 $62,896.25
Dr Lu Don Bunnag Anaesthesia VMO 02-Dec-14 01-Dec-17 $29,039.73
Dr Makeham Timothy ENT Surgery VMO 14-Feb-14 13-Feb-17 $174,726.91
Dr Malecky George Paediatric Surgery VMO 01-Nov-14 31-Oct-17 $546,519.92
Dr Malhotra Ram Neurology VMO 01-Apr-14 31-Mar-17 $89,583.05
Dr Marshall Natalie Anaesthesia VMO 01-Aug-14 31-Jul-17 $580,900.55
Dr Matthiesson Will Anaesthesia VMO 01-Mar-16 28-Feb-19 $113,627.78
Dr McCredie Simon Urology VMO 02-Jul-16 01-Jul-19 $259,610.13
Dr McDonald Tim Paediatrics VMO 02-Aug-14 01-Aug-17 $509,022.22
Dr McInerney Carmel Anaesthesia VMO 02-Jun-15 01-Jun-18 $66,124.59
Dr Meares Nicola Anaesthesia VMO 31-May-16 30-May-19 $45,419.31
Dr Miller Andrew Dermatology VMO 30-Nov-13 29-Nov-16 $72,340.62
Dr Morrissey Phillip Anaesthesia VMO 02-Nov-13 01-Nov-16 $160,781.91
Dr Muggeridge Catherine Anaesthesia VMO 25-Aug-14 24-Aug-17 $73,479.40
Dr Neilson Wendell Vascular Surgery VMO  01-Jul-13 30-Jun-16  $784,619.26
Dr O'Connor Simon Cardiology VMO 01-Oct-14 30-Sep-17 $344,142.83
Dr Oerder Vaughn Vascular Surgery VMO  09-May-16 08-May-19 $32,425.44
Dr Palnitkar Girish Anaesthesia VMO 15-Nov-13 14-Nov-16 $87,912.31
Dr Peady Clifford Anaesthesia VMO 02-Aug-14 01-Aug-17 $276,163.91
Dr Peake Ross Anaesthesia VMO 23-Jul-13 22-Jul-16 $195,165.79
Dr Pfluger Eike Anaesthesia VMO 22-Feb-16 21-Feb-17 $35,572.28
Dr Policinski Igor Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Dec-15 06-Dec-18 $435,968.39
Dr Ponniah Senthan Anaesthesia VMO 24-Jan-14 23-Jan-17 $147,643.16
Dr Powell Suzanna Paediatric Medicine VMO 01-Jun-15 31-May-18 $82,206.84
Dr Quah Yeow Leng (Valerie) Anaesthesia VMO 17-Jan-14 16-Jan-17 $119,735.60
Dr Rajapakse Yasantha Ranjeeva Plastic Surgery VMO 12-Sep-15 11-Sep-16 $182,283.18
Dr Rangiah David General Surgery VMO 02-Feb-15 01-Feb-18 $187,637.45
Dr Reddy Rajesh Anaesthesia VMO 02-Nov-15 01-Nov-16 $25,341.45
Dr Reynolds Graham Paediatric Medicine VMO 15-Sep-15 14-Sep-16 $27,267.76
Dr Riddell James General Medicine & Gastroenterology VMO 01-Dec-14 30-Nov-17 $44,144.72
Dr Roberts Chris Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Nov-14 01-Nov-17 $47,553.20
Dr Robson Stephen O&G VMO 01-Aug-14 31-Jul-17 $133,886.44
Dr Rosier Michael Paediatric Medicine VMO 02-Aug-14 01-Aug-17 $122,346.33
Dr Sathasivam Sivapirabu Plastic Surgery VMO 29-Jul-15 28-Jul-16 $303,692.59
Dr Simpson Erroll Paediatric Surgery VMO 01-Nov-14 31-Oct-17 $272,436.66
Dr Skilton Roger Anaesthesia VMO 01-Feb-16 31-Jan-17 $181,965.30
Dr Smith Damian Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Jul-15 01-Jul-18 $329,173.73
Dr Smith Paul Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Feb-14 01-Feb-17 $626,335.55
Dr Smith Joseph Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Dec-15 06-Dec-18 $251,155.98
Dr Speldewinde Geoffrey Anaesthesia VMO 02-Nov-14 01-Nov-17 $39,258.57
Dr Stone Hilton ENT Surgery VMO 01-Feb-14 31-Jan-17 $70,649.20
Dr Storey Desmond General Dentistry VMO 30-Nov-13 29-Nov-16 $37,517.17
Dr Tharion John Thoracic Surgery VMO 02-Aug-15 01-Aug-18 $387,624.85
Dr Thomson Andrew Gastroenterology VMO 02-Oct-14 01-Oct-17 $352,440.65
Dr Tsai Nicholas Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 25-Aug-10 08-Apr-17 $661,417.53
Dr Upton Zain Anaesthesia VMO 10-Feb-14 09-Feb-17 $86,428.15
Dr Vrancic Sindy Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Sep-09 01-Sep-16 $250,022.96
Dr Wagner Nils Trauma VMO 01-Apr-16 31-Mar-17 $140,801.68
Dr Wilson Michael Anaesthesia VMO 01-Nov-14 01-Nov-17 $84,693.13
Dr Yeoh Timothy Sing-Yong Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 11-Aug-15 10-Aug-16 $91,498.01
Dr Young Samuel Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 05-Sep-15 04-Sep-16 $101,217.65
1.2 Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services
Dr Adesanya Adesina Psychiatry VMO 01-Sep-15 31-Aug-16 $145,925.45
Dr Bromley Jennifer General Practice (Corrections Health Program) VMO 07-Feb-14 06-Feb-17 $126,505.88
Dr Butterfield Ingrid Psychiatry VMO 19-Feb-16 18-Feb-17 $43,162.15
Dr Eldridge James Neil General Practice (Corrections Health Program & Clinical Forensics ACT) VMO 23-Dec-13 01-Feb-17 $164,620.65
Dr Henderson A Scott Psychiatry VMO 01-Nov-14 31-Oct-17 $200,494.66
Dr Kasinathan John Psychiatry VMO 02-Jul-15 02-Jul-17 $365,718.38
Dr Matias May Psychiatry VMO 20-Mar-16 19-Mar-17 $185,861.35
Dr Mundl Renate Psychiatry VMO 07-Apr-16 06-Apr-17 $141,568.80
Dr Owen Cathy Psychiatry VMO 01-Jan-15 31-Dec-16 $66,396.43
Dr Thomson Graeme General Practice (Corrections Health Program & Clinical Forensics ACT) VMO 06-Jan-14 13-Jan-17 $165,947.58
Dr Westcombe David Psychiatry VMO 01-Dec-13 30-Dec-16 $182,344.79
Dr Wurth Peter Psychiatry VMO 01-Feb-15 31-Jan-18 $53,656.04
1.4 Cancer Services
Drs Applied Imaging Pty Ltd Elizabeth Lim & Nigel Hunter Radiology - BreastScreen VMO 18-Sep-15 16-Sep-18 $96,385.45
Dr Bell Susanne Radiology - BreastScreen VMO 11-Nov-14 10-Nov-17 $150,328.84
Dr Chen Suet Wan Radiology - BreastScreen VMO 01-Nov-14 31-Oct-17 $145,530.88
Dr Cranney Brendan Radiology - BreastScreen VMO 02-Jul-14 01-Jul-17 $40,528.46
Dr Hazan Georges Radiology - BreastScreen VMO 21-Sep-15 17-Sep-18 $310,754.91
Dr Jain Tarun Radiology VMO 05-Nov-15 04-Nov-16 $158,898.42
Dr Preda Martina Radiology VMO 25-Apr-16 24-Apr-17 $34,507.62