CHARM requirements for posters and oral presentations

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All ACT Health posters will require a final branding check with our communications team.

Branding guidelines, logos, and templates are available for ACT Health staff to download from the staff intranet HERE.

Note: Use of these templates is optional, however if they are not used staff must follow the guidelines below.

  • The header must include the ACT Health logo. Note: The blue version should no longer be used.
  • The footer must include the standard footer text: © Australian Capital Territory, Canberra | | Enquiries: Canberra 13ACT1 or 132281.
  • Use of other logos e.g. UC or ANU are to be displayed at the same scale as the ACT Health logo.
  • Copyright must be taken into account when using images from the internet.

For more information, please contact the Health Research Office on:

Phone: (02) 6174 5257