Second Independent Annual Review 2021

On Thursday 11 November 2021 the Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith tabled the report Culture in the ACT public health system: Second Annual Review.

The Second Annual Review provides an external and independent review into cultural reform across the system, including measuring progress against the 20 recommendations from the Final Report: Independent Review into the Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services.

It is the second of three annual reviews. It meets Recommendation 19: the ‘Cultural Review Oversight Group’ auspice for the next three years, an annual, independent and external review of the extent of implementation of the recommendations of the Review and consequent impact on cultural changes within the ACT public health system.

The Second Annual Review identifies a range of initiatives having positive effects on the experience of staff, including:

  • Strong foundations have been laid to address system-wide culture reform, including the Workplace Culture Framework.
  • Good progress has been made rolling out training programs to encourage staff to speak up, and improving complaints procedures addressing poor behaviour.
  • All three health organisations have given greater focus and meaning to organisational values.
  • Structures and processes have been established to involve and engage clinicians in strategic planning and decision making.

The Second Annual Review also highlights opportunities where a greater focus will further impact workplace culture.

Read the snapshot of the Second Annual Review findings.

The commitment to culture reform and building positive workplaces across the ACT public health system continues. 


Page last updated on: 11 Nov 2021