Third Independent Annual Review 2023

On Thursday 23 March 2023 the Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith tabled the report Culture in the ACT public health system: Third and Final Annual Review.

The Third and Final Annual Review provides an external and independent review into cultural reform across the system, including measuring progress against the 20 recommendations from the Final Report: Independent Review into the Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services.

It is the third of three annual reviews. It meets Recommendation 19: the ‘Cultural Review Oversight Group’ auspice for the next three years, an annual, independent and external review of the extent of implementation of the recommendations of the Review and consequent impact on cultural changes within the ACT public health system.

The Third Annual Review identifies a range of initiatives that have progressed, including:

Commitment of the leaders of the ACT public health system to a more collaborative approach to system-wide improvements, streamlined governance arrangements, capability building of staff, and centralised coordination and support.

Establishment of the key foundational elements required to monitor and oversight cultural improvement, such as the Workplace Culture Framework, Organisational Culture Improvement Model, Workforce Effectiveness Indicators Model, and regular employee surveys.

A setting of clearer expectations of behaviour and calling into account long-term inappropriate behaviours.

An investment into the capability building of staff, including the piloting, and testing of cross agency training and development approaches.

The development of consistent data collection and reporting on workforce metrics.

The Third Annual Review also reinforces the need to continue the work to embed workplace culture initiatives into business-as-usual, ensure staff and leaders at all levels continue to be engaged, and measure the ongoing impact of culture reform initiatives and provide a view of change over time.

The commitment to culture reform and building positive workplaces across the ACT public health system continues.

Page last updated on: 23 Mar 2023