Workplace Culture Framework

The launch of the Workplace Culture Framework is the next step in the ACT public health system’s Culture Review Implementation.

The Framework is based on evidence. It’s designed to guide approaches on key cultural changes that support the system in the continued delivery of high-quality healthcare and to be an employer of choice - now and into the future.

From Review to Framework

The Final Report: Independent Review into the Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services (Culture Review Report) made clear recommendations relating to improving workplace culture across the system.

Several of these recommendations were found to be linked to key workplace culture factors of organisational behaviour, workforce and leadership. The Workplace Culture Framework puts these recommendations into action.

Based on evidence 

To establish a foundation for long-term culture change, the system engaged the Australian National University, Research School of Management (ANU-RSM) and the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) - both leaders in evidence-based management practices.

The Framework is based on research conducted by ANU-RSM and CEBMa and a process of co-design across the system.

Five culture priorities

Central to the Framework are five culture priorities.

  1. Organisational trust
  2. Leadership and people skills
  3. Workplace civility
  4. Psychological safety
  5. Team effectiveness

The Executive Summary of the report Investing in our People: A systems-wide evidence-based approach to workplace Change (Investing in our People Report) was tabled on 25 November 2020. The Workplace Culture Framework is part of this report.

To identify the five culture priorities, CEBMa were engaged to conduct eight Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs). (These are summaries of trustworthy global scientific research to define issues in each theme.) The full REAs and supporting executive summaries can be found in the attachments below.

Page last updated on: 12 Apr 2021