ASSAD Inhalant use


    Inhalant use: ever, last year, last month, last week, ACT Secondary Students aged 12-17 years, 1996-2017


    Since 1996, there has been a downward trend in inhalant use among secondary students surveyed. In 2017, 13.8% of secondary students surveyed reported ever using inhalants. This was significantly lower than the 1996 estimate of 26.0% and the 1999 estimate of 24.3%. Similarly, the proportion of students reporting using inhalants in the last year was also signifcantly lower in 2017 (9.8%) than in 1996 (17.9%), as was last month use (2017: 5.6%; 1996: 9.6%) and last week use (2017: 3.0%; 1996: 6.5%).

    Inhalants include spray cans, glue, paint, petrol, thinners, nangs or poppers.

    Please note that this indicator was updated in 2022 and replaces all previous versions. 

    For the purpose of reporting the Australian Secondary Students' Alcohol and Drug survey data on HealthStats, if the 95% confidence intervals of the estimates do not overlap, they are considered to be significantly different.

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