The implementation of the Digital Health Record (DHR) will bring together ‘One patient, One record’ to improve patient safety and patient/clinician experience. All clinical documentation will be located in one place for the various health services including: The Canberra Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient services, North Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital, Clare Holland House/Home Based Palliative Care, Mental Health, Community Nursing and Allied Health Services.

Several GP practices in Canberra have been included in a small pilot to trial a component of the DHR called ‘DHR Link’. This small pilot will allow GP practices to access their patients’ medical records from Canberra Health Services. The participating GP practices will have access to review the status of your referrals and update your medical record in real time, and easily access imaging and pathology undertaken at these sites. Access to DHR Link provides your GP with additional information to help them make informed decisions about your health care.

Information for patients of the GP practices participating in the DHR Link pilot

The aim of DHR Link is to bridge the gap between GP practices and ACT public health services to improve patient safety, continuity of care and holistic care delivery.

DHR Link will provide your GP practice with access to your medical record stored in the DHR as long written consent has been provided by you (or an authorised person such as a parent or guardian).

If you would like to share your DHR medical record to DHR Link, you can provide written consent via the following ways:

  • If you have a MyDHR account, you can update your preferences about sharing information to DHR Link. This is available through the mobile app or on the website.
  • If you do not have a MyDHR account, you can update your consent with staff any time you receive treatment at Canberra Health Services. 
  • You can update your consent when you see your GP, by signing the DHR Link consent form.

If you have consented to share your DHR medical record to DHR Link, any GP practices you attend in future that use DHR Link will be able to access your DHR medical record.

If you provide this consent, and you see another GP in the same practice, they will also be able to access your DHR medical record. Other members of the health care team working in that practice, including nurses and allied health staff, may also access your record to help co-ordinate your care delivery.

You can change your mind about your consent at any time via MyDHR or by calling the Health Information Services during business hours on:

North Canberra Hospital: 02 6201 6280

Canberra Health Services: 02 5124 2124

Page last updated on: 23 Jan 2024