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Healthy Food and Drink Policy: setting the tone

Public Schools

Public schools are required to follow the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015.

To implement the policy, schools need to stop selling or providing ‘red’ classified food items (under the traffic light system) in the canteen and limit the number of ‘red’ items used at the school’s events and fundraisers.

Fresh Tastes can support public schools to implement this Policy by providing a range of resources, training and advice with the ‘Food for Sale’ action area.

Catholic and Independent Schools

Catholic schools are encouraged to follow the Catholic Education Office Food and Drink Policy (ACT).

If you’re an Independent school, consider using the School Food and Drink Policy Template as the basis for developing your own school food and drink policy. ACT Independent schools can create their own policy by following the Fresh Tastes Healthy Food and Drink Guidelines – How to Guide. When developing your policy, it's a good idea to survey families at your school to inform what should be included. Here's an example survey Parent Healthy Food and Drink Survey created by Radford College you could adapt for your school.

Some Catholic and Independent schools may have their own school-based policies about the provision of food and drinks. Everyone in the school community should be able to use the policy to guide food and drink choices in school activities. Through Fresh Tastes, you can access support to implement and evaluate your school’s relevant food and drink policy.

Check out the success stories below about Fresh Tastes schools who’ve gone on to achieve great results implementing food and drink policies.

Success Stories

Get ideas and feel inspired by these ACT schools who are using their school’s food and drink policy to set the tone for healthy choices.

Radford College | Junior School takes a healthy approach | PDF

North Ainslie Primary | Healthy food and drink guidelines set the tone | PDF

Page last updated on: 20 Oct 2023