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Nutrition Education: a healthy approach to learning

Your little experts know how to make healthier choices!

Kids who eat well are more likely to concentrate and achieve positive learning outcomes at school. Students at schools involved in Fresh Tastes are learning how to make healthier food and drink choices through the Food&ME resources.

Schools that promote healthy eating often find increased demand for healthy items at school canteens and events.

Schools who are involved in Fresh Tastes can access nutrition education support, resources, and professional learning through the ‘Classroom Learning’ action area to educate students and families about good nutrition.


Food&ME®:  Food&ME is a series of evidence-based nutrition education units mapped to the Australian Curriculum and aligned with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013). A range of ACT TQI accredited professional learning is available.

Making Healthier Choices How-to Guide: Families can brush up on their nutrition knowledge together at home by doing this 15-minute online module about the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Or teachers can use it as a classroom tool or home learning activity.

FoodSwitch App: download this app to help you choose healthier packaged foods. Watch the ‘Make a healthier switch’ video below where the little experts will show you how to use it.

Eat for Health: all the information you need to know about the Australian Dietary Guidelines, including tips for eating well and posters, brochures and fridge magnets you can order for home.

Nutrition Australia ACT: check this out for resources about every nutrition topic and there are lots of easy recipes to try.

National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines: does your school use the Traffic Light System to classify foods for sale in the canteen? This quick reference guide will help you understand what green, amber and red foods are.

Victorian Aboriginal Community: range of nutrition resources for the Victorian Aboriginal Community, including tip sheets and cards to choose healthy when grocery shopping.

Healthy Eating Hub: local nutrition service and their website has free resources, recipes, videos and more.

Heart Foundation: plenty of heart healthy recipes and more information about specific key nutrients for heart health.

Healthier. Happier.: Queensland Health’s Healthier, Happier website includes a wide range of recipes, interactive tools and information.

Refresh.ED: This WA Department of Health online resource is designed to help teachers introduce food and nutrition in the classroom. The site includes classroom teaching materials as well as professional learning materials.

Food Smart Schools: this program provides resources and services for teachers, parents, students, principals, canteens and parent organisations. Their website offers a range of classroom resources for teachers.

Getting Involved

So, how can you get involved to help families at your school know how to make healthier food and drink choices?



  • Start a conversation with your child about the five food groups or ask them ‘Can you teach me something about healthy eating?’
  • Complete the Making Healthier Choices How-to Guide with your kids to reinforce what they’re learning at school.
  • Keep an eye out for school performances featuring the Nutrition Magician or Mr Tim & the Food Detective. Go along to watch the shows with your kids.
  • Share the Little Experts videos below on your social media channels to spread the word!
Page last updated on: 13 Oct 2023