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Healthier Choices Canberra makes it easier for Canberrans to find tasty, fresh, and healthier food and drink options. We partner with local businesses to increase the visibility and appeal of healthy food and drink for Canberrans.

Canberrans have told us that they’re looking for healthier options at the places they visit regularly – such as supermarkets, licensed clubs, restaurants, and cafes. 

How can you help?

Businesses can pledge to take action in one or more of the Healthier Choices Canberra Commitment Framework areas: presentation, product, placement, promotion, price or policy.

Making a pledge is simple and will support the health of your community by increasing the visibility and appeal of vegetables, fruit, and water.

Why make a difference?

  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Canberra community.
  • Help your customers to feel heard and support them to access healthier options.
  • Increase your profits by tapping into the market of consumers who are looking for healthier options.
  • Give your staff a shared sense of purpose and pride.
  • Get free promotion through our social media and other channels.
  • Access free tailored support from our Program Manager and qualified nutritionists.
  • Receive public recognition for your efforts through awards and special events.

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Page last updated on: 19 Oct 2023